This is a “funny” way to look at it

the concept of the Jewish community as a state within a state proposed by Brafman, which considers it not obligatory for itself to comply with the laws of Russia and has one of the main goals of “obscuring Christians” in order to turn them only into fictitious owners of their property

There are so many examples to think of, and I’ll tell you the first one that pops into my head, and invite you to think of your own without thinking of mine- the other day this guy was talking to me about owning his house, and eventually he started to go into how by the time he’s dead he’ll have been paying off his loans for it for 50 years.

There are more insidious spins on this concept too, which not many like to admit. For instance if you are a “creator” of some kind, and you create within their horizon, then that technically is their property too. I don’t pull any punches about this- if a non-Jew is acting like they’re a Jews’ slave I will simply call them a Jew. You are not you, you are a Jew. A fictitious owner of your property, as this page so eloquently phrases it. To me that seems extremely meaningless. I’d rather be able to joke about, say, shooting a Jew’s head off with a cannonball. THAT is not their property. I’m actually a real person saying things that they don’t control. Do you even know what that’s like? In 99% of cases, I doubt it.

Brafman though, I’ve mentioned Brafman a few times now- this is a 19th century convert who knew their world from the inside. Even in those old times, way before even our great-grandparents were born, he wrote about how they weren’t simply creating a “state within a state” because that only frames it in terms of one country- no, even then, they were well on their way to forming a global government, a state within the world, so to speak. I don’t care if they’ve consolidated their power so thoroughly over the last 150 years that this is unequivocally a Jew-World. Because I personally am not part of it. All it takes is a choice. The two square feet that I sit within at the moment is not a Jew-World. I highly doubt you could say the same. Everything under their dominion is in darkness, once you look at it from a place that is not their property. My soul is free from them – what do you have to say about yours? This should be especially concerning to you if you’re someone who understands theological concepts. Because the God of the Jews is not something I see as the highest whatsoever. So you’re beholden to some kind of minor god, at least in my eyes. And we know that I’m just the sophist of the dialogue to be synthesized by the merciful side, right right. I see their god as still living in the wilderness. If the only value of “truth” to you is for business purposes then I doubt you know what truth is – and that defines Jewry. This post of mine on Shamir encapsulates this. “I don’t care, your writings are worth $0.00.” – Exactly, and that’s everything that I’ve wanted. Be careful what you wish for. Abandon humanity, be abandoned by humanity in turn, make the establishment and the derp state go after you night and day – that’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Enjoy having your soul and everything you do in life owned and controlled you slave.

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