Discovering a Heideggerian white nationalist who writes about runes and Odinism

They don’t want you to think about that Ice Age.

Races are families, and all you have to do to know if someone’s family is tens of thousands of years behind is hear them talk.

Pretty much everything I say is designed to make communists cope. To them if it doesn’t serve the end of integrating backward people into society then it’s not “truth”.

Once an African-American woman sent me a picture of herself bent over. So cringe. That’s how you flirt? That’s all they know. You want dis boody, you want dis boody? Nah, I don’t think I do.

This book is full of gems so far

Thinking symbolically (i.e. abstractly) and expressing that in a clever, creative way – I guess that’s just MY personal preference, people who do that.

Knowing in crystal-clear detail the futility of talking about these things I definitely relate to this myself

They made representational art tens of thousands of years ago in Europe because that’s when they stopped being pure objects. I’ve discussed this before, about how “useless” is not necessarily a negative term. There is no “use-value”- making art is not going to sate your hunger. I know that’s a surprising thing to hear these days, given that most art is utilitarian. Survival and reproduction, that’s what it’s about, thus people are objects. They “forage” not only for food, but for status and acclaim, for neo-survival in the neo-wilderness so to speak.

Clay tablets? Let’s go back farther than that. Cleary speculates that stone age Europeans were the first to portray “essences”

The “political secret” of practically-implemented communism is to go back tens of thousands of years. It doesn’t matter if they bring up a play station or a USB drive, or any other kind of modern technology, the fact is that the backwards families continue to talk as if they are from tens of thousands of years ago, while “Ice Age people” of abstract thinking are forced to go back to the stone age with them.

Muh boody, muh shekels – both of these are types of primitive people, and if I ever spoke like that myself I’d feel like a total orangutan. That’s not going to stop them, because that’s all they know, and it’s probably permanent on a neurocognitive level.

This book is infinitely better than all the commie crap I’ve found on “prehistorical” Europe

Cleary says this begins in Wonder, a quasi-mystical state involving ek-stasis, or “standing outside of oneself”.

Wow, it’s a bison. WHAT IS A BISON?

That leads to questions like What is truth, What is life. It began with painting the “idea” of a bison, and eventually you have Hegel depicting the idea of “spirit”. And there aren’t any Hegels anymore, and there will be fewer 1/6th-Hegels in the future as the communist project of going back tens of thousands of years marches on.

WHAT IS a woman? It’s definitely not a being that’s well-known for abstract thinking. WHAT IS a jew? Definitely not a being with a good track-record for running countries. Thus these two are almost always part of the plot to hide what the true meaning of our political ethos is, because they themselves do not want to be perceived as the sort of “neanderthal” that they are.

It’s kind of funny to think that there are probably better mental effects from looking at a painting of a bison than watching anything from hollywood, or hearing a woman chatter. In that sense those stone age Europeans were ahead of their time!

Time-preference, future-planning, could it be explained by those paintings which were drawn tens of thousands of years before anyone else?

That’s quite the jump, from thinking entirely about killing a bison to drawing one. The do-rag whites certainly seem to have regressed to the pre-drawing, pre-symbolic mindset. It’s not possible for “bad things” to happen in reality, right? Socially engineering total morons couldn’t possibly be perceived as “bad”, right? You’d have to be a chauvinist to make a distinction like that. It couldn’t possibly be that subhuman niggers form the majority of society and make the astute judgment that there’s nothing bad about that, right? This is my “bison”, writing about that. Look what it is, it’s the “idea” of them. Isn’t it a sickening painting, I hope it is. I’ve simply drawn the reality.

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