Idel is an old man, he himself has students who have students. Let’s see what one of his students has to say

Many contemporary kabbalistic works have not yet been published… because they were censored by kabbalist circles themselves (as with some of the diaries of R. Avraham Yizhaq Ha-Kohen a Kook or R. Yehuda Leib Ha-Levi Ashlag, the ‘‘Ba‘al Ha-Sulam,’’ for example).

He discusses Laitman in this book, remember him? This is on the most recent movements.

This Jonathan Garb notes the tendency of scholars to feel themselves “above” writing on contemporary trends, preferring to muse on 700 year old manuscripts. You be the judge. I want to know the latest cladistic manifestations.

Scholem himself said he was not a mystic, only a scholar of mysticism. In question here is living Kabbalah. Garb says in the first half of the twentieth century the most prominent mystics were Kook, Ashlag, and the sixth Chabad rebbe, and that in the second half their disciples continued their teachings. And apparently these latter also have writings in manuscript form that have not been published either.

I’ll leave it to your imagination what this is hinting at

As with Kook, Ashlag’s urge to disclose his doctrine was offset by his awareness of the need to conceal it because of the controversy it elicited—a controversy he attributed to the evil force, or Other Side (Sitra Ahra).

Hmmm here’s a book I never heard of

And remember that the Tanya is merely exoteric Chabad.

Don’t think this is just some random mystical offshoot. My Jewish readers are overbrimming with racial pride when they see me talking about ZOG. The Chabadniks simply put their feeling into words.

“Just give up!” In other words just be one of your niggers. I don’t think so. You Jews haven’t done anything profound since Spinoza, all you have to show for yourselves is control, and what do you control? A decadent society which you have a great responsibility for. There’s no reason to be proud of that, sorry to rain on your secret little parade.

Ugh the bovine goyim look at the ground in submission and slide their prison tray over for their next ladle of slop. If only they were all like me. That’s all it would take. Nope, they’re born subordinates. Even when the lemmings are off the cliff and trying to run on air they’ll still be trusting the plan.

What I would do for some fresh air. All that exists in the west seems to be either totalitarians or loyal subjects of the totalitarianism.

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