Want to see something hilarious?

This is the standard English translation.

Let’s look at another one

The anti-goyimism is entirely erased in English.

The first one I quoted runs to 3782 pages. Looks like a waste of lots of paper.

I’m not just talking about BOOKS here! This reflects our political reality as well. “No, we don’t intrinsically hate you, goyim…” Their fabricated translations are a symptom of everything going on today.

I bet the niggers really care about this, huh? Oh, I’m sure they do, oh sure yeah yeah.

I think it’s safe to say I’m a couple centuries too late to be talking about any of this. It’s a fool’s errand. Still, I like to know just for the sake of knowing. Given that I’ve been one of their prime targets the last few years I deduce they don’t even want anyone knowing even if they can’t do anything with that knowledge. “It could lead to a pogrom, we don’t take any chances.” You don’t take any chances at all if you want all whites to be mud-niggers to top it off. “That’s right, my favorite thorn.” Anyone who reads my writings out of context will think I’m schizophrenic, and that’s all according to plan. Hello person from 2121, there once was a time when some had the cognitive faculties to challenge the planetary hegemon, and the chances are you’re living in a time where those don’t exist anymore. If you want my advice, go to the wilderness with pre-21st century translations of Plato, away from all people, and study those for a good decade or so. Do you 22nd century people still have chipmunks? Just live off those if you have to, it will be worth it.

All you white niggers are so in denial of what you are. Hopefully someone has made a pdf of my writings, because you are too dull and hopeless to understand. “And we don’t want people in the future to know that about us!” Yes, thank you for your wise input, nigger. Thank you for years and years of that, it’s been so insightful. Don’t you have some fried chicken to attend to, you shameless ape?

Like I said, a couple centuries too late now. My kind of optics-less thinking is only activated as a last resort, it itself is a symptom of the futility of fighting the “superstructure”. It doesn’t matter to show your cards, I show them just to show them. What does the goyim have to show, three sixes? Your Jesus might as well be the antichrist. I for one know who the “aces” are in our tradition, and you down syndrome goys didn’t learn from them over the centuries, so now the “Jacks” have taken over. Bravo to you, down syndrome nigger. Aquinas, Kant, these are a couple I doubt you have the attention-span to read more than a few pages of. -shrug- I’m just glad I didn’t endure this historical epoch in silence like you pussies. You deserve it all. The truth is, I hate you as much as they hate you, that’s how I understand them. A certain interpretation of reincarnation is actually true, and you never learn in any generation in which someone like me talks to someone like you. Thus I say you deserve it all. Every day I see less and less value in speaking to the down syndrome niggers. That’s just embarrassing to try to defend you.

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