There’s lots of info and references on Kabbalah here. I usually don’t bookmark a page, and I did in this case.

Anyway I think I found another one of those “circus freaks”, that’s how I found that page. You always think you found every last one, and then you find another.

This one self-publishes, so that’s a good sign. If everyone knew what Keter was about that’s the only way anything ever would be published. Alas, the golems will do what they do. By the way, the owner of this domain where I write here is a Syrian Druze and he bribes me to put the blame on the Jews to distract from HIS people who really pull the strings in the world – can you forgive me? Haha now you probably understand why I don’t forgive you. What a bribed little bitch.

So, who is this circus freak I just found? It’s someone known as HARAB MAG BABEL RAZ, AKA the Chief Magician of Mystery Babylon. Among other things he translates Lurianic texts that haven’t existed in English for 400 years.

I don’t expect you to understand, I have no idea why white niggers visit this site. You are worth nothing, go play with legos or something, that better befits your nature. You know it’s true too. Join the other niggers in their collective delusion far away from here, please. You can’t fabricate this perception of mine. Worthless niggers that add nothing and only exist as a burden to society. Everywhere. Go find something else to do, you can take your F- from here and use it as tissue paper to cry into.

Anyway, do you think the Mossad could pull off something subtle like this? Probably.

The braindead goyim will fall for anything. Still, this does seem like an anomalous writer, at least at first glance.

If you use social media–especially if you have for years–I just expect there’s nothing left of your mind. Land for instance was an anti-demotic person for many years, and I think twitter is what did him in, though he might recover someday if he just stopped using it. It’s a means through which they control you in many ways that you could not understand. They give you a crumb of crack for appeasing the demos and eventually you forget that’s what you’re doing. Most people in the world are furless animals and if you don’t understand that then it’s over for you, you’ve joined their ranks. Send them a personal gift of a message saying “NIGGER!” and be done with it. This is not an exaggeration. Hand me any newspaper, put me in front of any TV show and that’s what my conclusion will be, and it will be a true conclusion. I want to use them all as farm food. If you run your mouth and only contribute to the strength of the subhuman majority then it’s better for the world for you to be fed to literal animals. Some people weren’t born as humiliating niggers, and that’s what their real opinion about you is – what do you think, does it make you happy?

Look, I get that progs adjust what they say as if they’re talking to kids. I just wish they’d speak as an adult for one second. And thus we see here the joke that is the “glorious digital revolution”. If you depart from the speaking-to-kids mode for even one second you will be forever suspect after that. Okay, I guess society should just be 100% a dim, filtered level of conversation. Nah. This is another one of those signs we’re living in a gynocracy. A Shekinocracy might be a better term for it, oy! Women deal with children, men deal with adults, that’s just how it is. So look at what is allowed in political discussions and ask yourself which of these two prevails. Maybe those kids need a “talkin’ to”? I think they do. In fact I see Jews as kids. They use their shekels to make sure no teacher above them tells them what to do. I know what’s best for you, do you know what your history is, kid? It’s not pretty, you’re part of perhaps the most cursed race on the planet. I could give you 100 examples of that and you’d have no response to them aside from calling for whites to not exist anymore, in whichever indirect kike form you decide to use. You do it because we know about you, and you know we know. What a cursed nigger. Can’t take any criticism at all? You really must be “Shekina” in the sense that you have a pussy between your legs. Enjoy being steamin’ mad about this and not even saying my name to condemn me because you’re such a mealy-mouthed bitch. What else is new, that’s years now you’ve demonstrated what a pussy you are. Hi Shekina, lookin cute there.

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