Some casual genealogy, piecing together their obscure religious history

Between Vital and Chabad another Lurian, Bacharach

While that “Chief Magician of Mystery Babylon” is evidently autistic you never see anyone else make claims like this

Eyzt Haim = Vital’s book.

Recall my post on Atzilut

You have to focus on somewhat boring, pedantic matters like this to prepare for more important endeavors. For instance, see what this book involves

When I google it I keep seeing Lilith pop up. As usual though I seek to mine this text for material on the relation between goyim and evil, how they’re mythologically/mystically portrayed, and the cladistic remnant of that in contemporary kikery. That “magician” has translated it partially, I’m not sure he can be trusted yet. Here is an amazon preview of another of his books

Vital, Bacharach, Nathan, and others are probably necessary to understand our present political order. “It’s Puritanism!!” Don’t be so naive.

Look who he enshrines as the living master

Here is the only book I’ve been able to find from this magician, which he recently edited/republished.

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