I just love epistemology too much for my own good. That will bring you close to death, have no doubt about it. Those two things are connected in that way. Punting the hive is a mandatory requirement to know the limits of knowledge, there’s no gentle way to do it either. The grifters think they’re doing it gently and in reality they’re not doing it at all.

The idea that angels are all “guardians” is a misconception. Some of them use human sacrifices. “Deranged” types of people like to volunteer for that. I’ll be candid with you, deranged is a euphemism. It’s about caring about something that only causes bad things to happen. You don’t care about it because it causes good things to happen (which is what usually drives people), you care about it because you care about it.

Atheists look so “young” when you know that atheism has been brewing in Europe for 500 years at least. I mean the kind that pose as if they’re futuristic or something. As a non-Christian, maybe you will trust me more than a Christian when I tell you- you have been refuted, many times, and in a definitive manner. Anyway, I say this because the love of truth IS the love of God, and that’s the thing that’s worth caring about. Just like the case of angels people have this misconception that it’s some kind of “deal” that you make with them. That’s not the case. In fact, when you’re thinking of it in that way you are “dealing” with a demon or the devil. This is another way of talking about Mammon. You love God just to love God, you love truth just to love truth. When it’s anything other than that you don’t love God or truth. If you love “truth” because you expect the world to smile upon you for it then you only love it because it’s not truth anymore, it’s the lie you join the world in pretending to believe, and by doing that you are betraying God. “Whatever man, I just want to get some doggystyle action in.” Trust me, I know all about wanting that. Out of all the things Lacan seems wrong about he does seem right to say that philosophy-lovers have the pathology of wanting to have sex with philosophy itself. It kind of makes me “bashful” to admit that, I guess that’s what happens when you read galaxybrain therapists. At the same time though there are two parts of myself, and one sees that as vulgar. From the perspective of the true love of truth I don’t think that’s the case. That’s only a diagnosis a worldly person would make.

I see philosophy as an experiment that virtually no one will understand. It’s because there are two sides of the experiment- there’s the one doing it and the one it’s done ON. And the ones who are on the other side of the experiment will have to develop rationalizations because they are part of that hive that is punted. Instead of learning to punt it themselves they go after the one who punted them. Everyone has some kind of understanding of what an “angel” is, and they simply fold back into themselves, not wanting the responsibility of responding to its call. It’s because they can sense that angels and death are one. Social death, physical death, both of those are sensed, and that’s what makes them shudder and pretend they never sensed it at all.

There’s no human being that I love more than Truth. You people really worship creatures that aren’t Truth itself? I can’t understand you. That seems like idolatry. What else is rabble-appeasement? That’s not even exceptional human beings you worship, it’s the lowest of the low. And yes, I count contorting your personality so the animal herd doesn’t lash out at you in blood vengeance a form of worship. That is idolatry, or to use a more modern term, ideology. I virtually know of no one who cares about the truth outside of Bjerknes, Elista, and a couple others. Quit lying to yourself! They won’t, because truth is death, and so it goes. That would be a form of posthumanism and true progress if truth wasn’t death. Next thing they’re going to be doing is creating “Zionist Antiversities”. Just more idolatry. And that’s not a bad label for the “glorious internet revolution” thus far, with a few disappeared exceptions. I think figuring out how to make people dox-proof is one of the highest priorities, because even anons are highly reticent about the “angel” that they sense. There’s less human sacrifice involved when your real life person isn’t at stake.

I bet some people wish I loved them more than Truth. There are plenty of NPCs for you to choose from, don’t be too sad. “Everyone will hate me if I talk to you.” Then you’d be hated by all the right people. It’s not even a joke. I’m right about all the corruption in the world. And you’re probably part of it, huh? Despite my misanthropy I think many people are good and it’s the threat of the murderous mob that pulls them in to betraying their good nature. All those smiling faces turning to scowls, in one instant. It just goes to show that they don’t care about “you” specifically, they care about you joining them in the lie. Outside of that you’re expendable. I don’t hesitate to make the harshest judgments of such people. “Don’t be mean to evil people!” Uhh are you confused…?

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