Ah my fellow goyim, how are you doing? Probably in some form of gulag like me to correct your behavior if I had to guess. Being forced into being a fraud is a type of gulag, in my mind. No, you won’t be thinking clearly in a gulag. Between gulags during lockdown I tried to show you what peak awareness is like, and now I’m back in another one, so I can only do my best for now. If you couldn’t learn from that then I think you’re pretty much done for anyway. Jews had to flee across the ocean because of their previous attempt at governance – what more needs to be said? “We wuz in a ghetto!” No… stop lying. They tried to take up the mantle of an aristocracy in many countries and only realized people wanted to murder them. Now they’re supposedly victims because everyone realized they’re pseuds who had to go someplace where there’s a “blank slate” ideology where they won’t be judged for what they are. I’m not buying into this self-esteem booster of theirs that they’re the chosen people, they’ve failed in over 100 countries. Perceptive progs are defined by joining them in this lie of coddling them about this. Jews relate to sassy fat black women, needless to say I don’t think they know what they’re doing. “She’s VALID!” No… I don’t think that’s the case. It’s too bad Noah couldn’t have left Jews behind in his ark. I’m just swinging a pick-ax here, since they don’t allow people to make “jokes” like this. The very foundation of history is just suspect. The number of Jews that seem redeemable at all is so few I don’t think they’re worth saving. Besides Shahak, Shamir, and a couple others, I always get the distinct impression I’m dealing with some sort of nigger. I don’t care if they’re good with numbers, I wouldn’t trust them to be my accountant, they’re better off in shackles on a farm, and truly, better off dead.

There’s shady business going on as it pertains to me personally, and those in my “orbit”. In my view they have the right to not have their reputation interfered with so unfortunately you will miss out on potential philosophical musings. With that said, it’s clear to me from the last few years that the Jews’ status as the “aristocrats of the west” is very delicate, and it requires a technocratic totalitarianism in order to be maintained. I’ll be fair, okay? Let’s look at it as a coinflip between Jews and Europeans. They do not want you to believe it is a coinflip. The Jews want to be the unequivocal lords of the west. It does seem closer to a coinflip to me though. You can’t understand me without understanding that I’m a heretic from within an already heretical school of thought, neoreaction. That was a mistake for you to even know someone like me existed. It was supposed to be Jew-friendly NRx. And now you’re here. “What do you mean ‘here’, I love Jews, how sad they died in that historical event.” Sure. It’s a coinflip. I mean, that’s even a perspective for the uninitiated. For me personally it’s not 50/50 at all, the Jews seem like a degenerate race that has bribed their way to power, and used all immoral means to obtain it. Tell me why you had to leave Europe and Russia, you kike. I bet you will only have a lie for an answer. And that’s part of being a total nigger. At least now you know what you are. I don’t want something like that being my upper-caste. Sad niggers that can’t even admit their own history. By the way, did you ever get around to studying Kant? The reason German Jews were the best Jews was because they were spiritually German. And the voice of denial in your kikebrain will ensue like clockwork of course.

As for the goyimbrain. You seem like a child. You live in kikeworld and hate people who point it out to you. Okay, so you’re another kind of nigger. There’s no other conclusion.

“We like you in a gulag instead of being an institutional philosopher.” Yes, I know, I reveal how phony you are better than anyone in the world. I expect that causes some cope. How does it feel to be a worthless nigger that has to hide someone who knows exactly what you are? Do you want to give me an excuse?

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