I was so blown away by that occult book because I thought he’d innovated his system. You know the way that your eyes run over text without really reading it sometimes? I did that when he cited Nathan of Gaza in the beginning. It’s HIS system. One that’s been hidden from us for 350 years. Like I said, it seems like the pinnacle of talking about politics realistically.

I show you again Idel’s judgment about Scholem’s corpus

Let’s refine this now

Let’s refine it even more. Here is Scholem in that book

I showed you that the Book of Creation was only published in Hebrew a couple years ago. It’s only circulated privately until then.

I’ve seen this theme a few times now

You think that Luther and Calvin didn’t have any tangible effect on Europeans? And with their books, you can easily find them in libraries and the internet. Not the case with Nathan of Gaza’s, I was googling him all day yesterday and found next to nothing.

For the time being, I remind you of this book, which is one of the rare ones that details some of his ideas.

When you study Sabbateanism everything about living in ZOGworld starts to make sense.

The Talmud casts plenty of light on that. It can keep getting brighter and brighter, into “HD quality”. It’s not just Lurianic Kabbalah, it’s a particular movement that took place which operated with Lurianic principles.

Obviously I want to know about this side of it too- did they know about this, is that why they destroyed Nathan’s grave?

I don’t have much time, I take it as a Sign that the gods decided to punish me right as I traced all the clues back to Sabbatai, the “Saturn Deer”.

I think the ladies, our fine shiksas, will appreciate knowing the way they’re seen, historically speaking

Golems that will be crumbled into clay dust after the Jews are done using them.

If you want to do research for yourself (god forbid) it looks like the usual suspects, and some others, have written on this subject, and can stand in place of the primary material until we can find that

You might keep this suspicion in mind when you read them

Maybe more about this later.

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