“The goyim are trying to pull something sneaky on us!!” ahahahaha We had them sweating for a couple few years there. Has that happened in previous generations? Secret attacks? It’s probably the only meaningful thing to have happened in America for a while, beyond all the mirages of meaningfulness. “What, what are you talking about?” You tell me. Alas the pull of the establishment is too strong. Plus, from a certain height it’s too brutal, so people like to relax back into the official illusions. Yeah I think that was real though, some out there challenged them in a real way, if indirectly. Some real criminals out there. I don’t know how many years we’d have to wait for that to happen again. People are quite content with grifter pseudo-causes. A decade, three? Sigh, fine, I guess we can begin Round Two. Nah, being redacted is hell, YOU play that role this time, then we have a deal.

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