If I were you I wouldn’t trust anyone. Maybe some people in the Middle East, that’s about it. And with them you can’t trust them about their own country, only about the west.

This is why I’d be beheaded there on day one, so that’s why I often bring the moon up too. Still, like the moon, very few here have ventured there in a cognitive sense. It’s really a test of how flexible your Self is. I’ve pretty much had to crash-land there, the mental gymnastics required to get there aren’t easy. Just forget everything you know about Sufism, and Rumi and all the manufactured bullshit. It is a political perception as well as a mystical one.

It’s also a simply human perception. You should not trust people in the west. You can trust me about that or not. I do not trust them, the best people are hybrids with a shill admixture.

It’s exciting in a way to learn how not to trust the Magi too.

See, I can’t talk like that (without caution) or it’s going to be just like here.

Don’t you wish you were someone I trusted? That’s a genuine rhetorical question. Do you get the joke there, “genuine rhetorical question”? Genuinely though, I do wonder. Why do you seem like someone who is so slimy? Don’t you care if people with unhealthy levels of the will-to-truth trust you or not? People in the west I don’t trust, and the exceptions to that rule hardly exist at all – DO they exist at all? Not really.

So, for that reason, I see Middle Easterners, particularly Shi’ists, particularly Shi’ists of more intellectual varieties, on a higher plane than virtually anyone in the west. Do I trust them about what they have to say regarding their own government? Hell no, I can expect them to be lying through their teeth, I can already feel it. It’s not my place in this life to care about that. I’m only going to be there as a disillusioned American. Jews tend to be pieces of crap, okay, we can see eye to eye now. And even the “good Jews” hide the facts of their crime family, so it’s not merely “tend to be”, it’s pretty much all of them, 99.999%.

I dunno, haven’t they been running brainwash to make you not trust me for years now, without ever saying my name? So I can’t expect you to understand any of this. There’s a double-secret in the US- politics revolves around integrating the former slave population into society, and it also revolves around making the non-slaves slaves themselves. I’m a proud European, I believe in dialogue, and neither of these subjects the goblin-race will tolerate a dialogue about. Helping blacks, yeah I get it, I’m a christ-blood myself. I help them by telling them to read books. Same with Jews, “coincidentally”. They don’t want to read anything that doesn’t lead to them preserving their vices. A kike forever, a nigger forever–okay–if that’s what you want for eternity. If you’re a Jew, can you remember the name of “The Ukrainian” historian that I’ve written about a few times? If not then I doubt you have a robust will-to-truth, and thus I don’t have a will to trust you. What was that Pale like, do you tell yourself lies about it?

I’m a Kabbalist myself, yes, and you can hate me for that if you want. I’m not a liar like them, that’s the difference. Do you even know what that’s like? The world is full of niggers! My message for you is to stop being that way. Their message for you is to keep being that way. “Yeah, and I’m taking the easy way.” I know. That’s why I don’t trust people in the west.

Who even cares about children anymore, I don’t think anyone does. The idea of impregnating a western woman, that just sounds like a cursed thing to do. That kid is so doomed. The woman is a feminist, that’s one problem. The kid will be born into a kike-world, that’s another problem. Kike-world inculcates jungle-nigger values, that’s a further problem. I’d rather not do that. Even private schools are infused with all of this. So let me know sometime where the meaning in life is here.

I truly want you to tell me, what is your answer when I ask you What is the meaning of life?

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