If you’re not really a person who likes reading, I found a couple audio resources, if you’re like a podcast type of person or something. Literally hundreds of hours on the Parmenides and Proclus, i.e. neoplatonism, here. I know it’s weird to hear, someone has lectured on that so much? It looks like it, I’ve only gotten a sample so far. It’s a matter of keeping your soul away from the profane world. And that “magician” I mentioned the other day? He has a youtube channel. He’s fluent in Aramaic and hates the retard side of jewry as much as any Nazi, and talks about the various texts they’ve kept hidden for centuries. He is a Sabbatean-Frankist Jew. The extent of the autism of the two linked to here isn’t known to me yet, I’m just keeping you updated on what I find particularly interesting.

I went into this not really knowing the gravity of the situation. The so-called “jews” are more like A jew in that they are one person, who is about as tall as a skyscraper. In that sense, 9/11 is like an attack on them and their goyim-golem twin.

Check my URL, I don’t approach these problems from a moron’s perspective which is the case with at least half of the anti-semites. Let me just say one of the starkest details in this context- “God is dead” because of Jews. Nietzsche lived in a Germany that was already zogged, hence his reticence, and his learning from them. While good people are busy going to church there are others focused on buying your country, you better watch out.

What you should understand, and even accept as a dogmatic truth which your mind is unable to fully grasp, is that the goyim are absolutely dominated. This was before most of us were born, so it’s not like we can be blamed for it. You were born in a country that was already bought, and now you are bought too. And now with technology they use bots to ensure that you continue being bought, and you are a bot yourself.

The standpoint you have to start with is to have no resentment at all against the Jews. I don’t have that for you, I simply see you as bad people. There’s no revenge at play here, only a lamentation that vice instead of virtue carries the day. Even with the “noble Jews” like Shahak I get a sense of that. There’s probably a reason why some people are born looking like rodents and others are born so beautiful the rest of the world wants them destroyed. It’s not about “progressivism”, it’s about covering the Aryans in mud for having the fortitude to see “buying countries” as beneath them. Yeah… we’re not shekel-niggers. Are you angry about that?

Alas, most of us were born in “their” world and thus virtually all goyim are spiritually jewish. Immorally-prone merchants are good, failmom whores are good, submissive white sellouts are good, mudpeople who live in huts without whites are good – this is “their” world. Do you think all those people are good?

All of them are happy I don’t write much anymore. Are you happy to be on their side? I bet you are, nigger. Sassy fat black woman waving her tacky manicure at you – that’s what they all identify with. Do you? I can’t imagine identifying with that. Nope, I’m rather of the people that likes to read books and hate the majority and hate living in a country that is bought.

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