An essay on some Frankist novels. It’s the easy way out to say we live in the Marquis de Sade’s world. When you study Frankism you realize it is first-nature to contemporary Jews. And also I’ve seen various people say Frankism is a precursor of the hippie movement. It was a religion of decadence, and that is something that can be seen among a great deal of the goyim. They don’t even know that they’re doing it, that’s just who they are, they have no self-reflection about it.

I finally found a non-obnoxious format of that Choinski book on false conversions – it has a chapter on Frankism in it. He shows that Sabbateanism in general was more ubiquitous in the Pale, Turkey, and Greece than is typically known.

This contemporary expert casts light on the movement in question

I’ve seen some evidence that Frankists had a part in the French Revolution but that’s a topic for another time.

I’m just on the Polish internet at the moment

Frankism played a significant role in the development of the Haskalah (Jewish Enlightenment)… many of the leading financiers, intellectuals and politicians came from the second and third generations of the descendants of Jacob Frank’s supporters. 

There aren’t many people from the 18th century you learn about and think “Wow, he seems like a contemporary person!” And Frank is one of them.

People try to explain our present political order with Jefferson or Rousseau, Frank’s contemporaries, and they were far away from his conscious nihilism which is seen in many people today.

Wolfson, as you can expect, has an exceptionally high-minded take on Sabbateanism, which you can read here. He tries to make the case that it’s more accurate to describe the movement as hypernomian rather than antinomian, i.e. that it’s the truest Torah rather than anti-Torah. Whether it is or not, no one so much as blinks when you trace western decadence to the implications of Socratism, meanwhile everyone brings out the torches and pitchforks if you imply that contemporary nihilism is inherent in the Torah. Was Jacob Frank thee Mashiach? Scholem and others describe him as Sabbateanism taken to its ultimate conclusions. So at least he was consistent, really have to hand it to him.

What would this tell us about immanentized Hell and the pajama-people?

Jakub Frank, active in the territory of the Republic of Poland in the 18th century, was a representative of religious nihilism within Judaism, whose followers became part of the Polish nobility (their descendants are still present in our nation)

I note again that people today don’t perceive themselves as “religious nihilists” – they perceive it as “normal life”. And anyone who questions them is a “fascist” or “nazi”.

Let’s speak some Kabbalese – Frankism is the deliberate turning of the sefirot-kelipot upside-down

Look, someone agrees with my intuition about this

Frank, following the habits of the Sabbateans, emphasized that all depravity, decay and dirtying are something positive, and that religious laws and rituals should be desecrated.

Today Frank’s ideas are being put into practice. The new ethics glorifies pathologies and condemns what is healthy and moral.

Again, one could theoretically point to the Marquis de Sade as a precursor too. The problem with that is that we’re not living in “FOG” are we. You could similarly say we’re living in “Crowley’s Aeon” – yeah, and Crowley was a Sabbatean! Keep blaming the goyim because you’re scared to point to the real culprits. From that cringe-fest recently where I tried to read Pynchon, I think it’s fair to say that “pre-eminent American novelist” is a cladistic Sabbatean.

Something interesting to repeat is that Sabbatai Zevi arose as the mashiach within the context of the Khmelnytsky Uprising – this latter gentleman being thee proto-Hitler par excellence in the Jewish historical imagination. And I think it’s illuminating to see our “Frankists” of today as a reaction to the infamous “Neo-Khmelnytsky”. History rhymes, etc.

Tracing this all back isn’t going to change them. That’s just who they are! “Frankism” appeals to the orcs because it’s the easy road. Something high above them to strive for is too much of a burden, they prefer the suspension of morality altogether, and in many cases its direct inversion. Taking the easy road is who they are. White niggers ultimately have a lack of will, and that is caused by a dim consciousness – following animal impulse and seeking cheap approval from their fellows who do the same is all they’re capable of, it’s who they are.

With that said, I’m just a detached genealogist studying this for its own sake

If you want to do some digging for yourself here are old sources that Choinski cites

You can read about another, more recent than the initially referenced, Frankist novel here

Uh oh, there are certain “implications” to this…

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