Some information in English on Nathan of Gaza’s chief work can be read here.

It is a direct continuation, and some would even say the highlight, of the Lurianic corpus.

This is from, and that’s appreciated because I’m reluctant to take that autistic magician at his word – this shows that at least one institutional person agrees with him though. You can watch his video on this text here. There’s not much material online I can find on these Lurianic texts so that’s why I don’t mind lending an ear to this person who literally declares himself the King of the Jews. I might’ve given Shamir that title if he hadn’t displayed kneejerk hostility to Hoffman’s book – I’ve never seen Shamir go into the secrets of Lurianic Kabbalah either.

Historians often break Kabbalah into three basic phases- the Lurianic Zohar, Sabbateanism, and Hasidism. And I’ve seen various statements now that Hasidism emerged from Sabbateanism. And Jews don’t always like to admit that fact. From what I’ve gathered, the text in question is the most important writing of Sabbateanism, Nathan’s Book of Creation AKA the Sefer HaBriah. I wouldn’t think this was significant if it weren’t for that occult book which utilizes Nathan’s system. That apparently draws from a lesser text in Nathan’s corpus, the Treatise on Dragons. The Book of Creation was only published in Israel two years ago, so I’m not sure how long we’ll have to wait for it in English.

Something to understand about Nietzsche is that he was revaluating a previous revaluation, inverting a previous inversion. That’s how he differs from Frank and Sade. One might see him as very similar to them without that in mind. They turn morality on its head, and he’s turning it around again after recognizing that it’s already on its head. Frank and Sade were probably just symptoms of something that was already broadly present within the population.

Anyway this is what Scholem says

Nathan was at once the John the baptist and the Paul of the new messiah

Frank was born into a Sabbatean family. A hidden way of saying that is that he grew up a Nathanist.

Scholem again

So this is a few steps away from the secular Jewry we see today. And yet how Frankist they do seem, even being a few steps removed. These are the obscure origins of secularism. Do you think Marx himself was unaffected by major movements within his people’s religion?

The scholars I most frequently see referenced in this general context are Tishby and Liebes, most of whose writings are only in Hebrew. You’d think the Chinese for instance would be interested in this. I mean, look who owns everything you see on screens in America, and our financial system- do you think their personal beliefs about the world and humanity are random?

I’ve had to jump through some hoops of fire to follow the breadcrumbs to this Book of Creation. The 20th century Jewish Imam Scholem’s magnum opus is on Sabbatai, and that is the magnum opus of Sabbateanism. Keep staring at those screens, keep talking to those ZOGbots, without being aware of what any of this is about.

I drew from an Iranian historiographer a couple months ago who said that certain families in Iran are not allowed to be spoken of. Are these Sabbateans? There is reason to believe that they still exist in Poland and Turkey for instance, so possibly there too.

Heh that magician says if you are not a true holy initiate you will face wrath and curses for learning about the Book of Creation. That’s how you know he’s a real one, because he tells the profane to go away. Still, he’s on the side of YHWH, much like the Nathanist who wrote that occult book.

Here is a secret of Lurianic Kabbalah on creation generally

divine katharsis in which En-Sof purged itself of the roots of the qelippoth hidden in the depth of its being

Tikkun Olam means purging the goyim from the book of life. Our political order is a process of katharsis where whites are the divine vomit.

creation is a dialectical movement taking place between these two aspects of the En-Sof

Anyway, without much in the way of primary texts these are mostly just genealogical notes toward a future study for now. The principle enemies of the Sabbatians were Jacob Sasportas, Moses Hagiz, and Jacob Emden, they might be able to be mined for secrets too.

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