The tragedy is I’ll always relate to the goyim, and think they can be helped, even if they can’t be. I see this as a space for people who see themselves as neither goy or jew. As much as I relate to goys I definitely don’t feel like one of them, and even less do I relate to jews.

“Rabbis” have a habit of hiding history, so even after they zog China beyond repair I can expect the elite jews there to not be aware of any of this. Once you understand the basics of Kabbalah most things can be explained that way- mercy always prevails, as it pertains to the jewish people, and judgment is concealed.

“Why wouldn’t I relate to jews?” Most of them seem like some sort of heathen barbarian. It seems like they’re a few spiritual stages behind, especially the “Shekinas” – some of the most shamelessly vulgar people I’ve ever witnessed. You can tell just by how some of their faces look too that they are “uncle-fuckers”. It is a mystery how they got that way, and it seems that’s one of the simplest conclusions.

I just randomly flipped through some NY newspaper and I already knew what was going to be there, thus I rarely ever bother to flip through something like that anymore. Pretty much all monkeypeople. Then, also, off-shade “ethnics” of various sorts. Aryan alpha types are always hidden, and I think this reveals jewish insecurity. Never any hot “shiksas” either (unless they’re somehow doing their bidding of course). I think that explains a lot of their theology, keeping jewesses from screwing the aryans and jews from screwing the shiksas – “They’re demons, stay away from them, we’re the chosen people remember!” Why does your very face reflect the fact that you’re a degenerate then? The corrupt money-grubbers buy Aryans into submission, that’s all it’s about. Like I said, I don’t relate to them, I’m a “third-party”. Nothing is worth paying lip-service to subhumans like that. Throughout the middle ages up until about a century ago they were known as the people who smelled really bad who you should stay away from. I think that’s a better instinct than we have now. “Don’t be mean to totalitarians.” Shut up, nigger! I’m not exaggerating, if that is your sentiment, that one should not be mean to totalitarians, then you are a nigger, objectively speaking. Is it cool to know how to read English? That must be the closest thing to humanity you’re aware of.

Ahhh another day of censorship for I don’t know what reason. “Because everyone DIES!” Like I said, for I don’t know what reason. All of you deserve to die, you live a lie. You want to go around in life feeling confident and people who remind you of your falsity you despise because it takes the hot air out of your over-inflated balloon that you call “me” and “I”. It’s okay, a cloak of delusion is perfectly good, no one here is judging you at all. Wow though, to think I could keep supposed “human beings” behind glass at a zoo and believe that’s a natural place for them, huh. I just must be making up that perception, it’s fine.

Do you just like to be roasted or what, I’ve never understood why the profane visit here. In Soviet America, ZOOKEEPER is kept behind glass. That’s one of the many reasons we call them “kikes”, because that’s the natural order of things in their economy. “And we’ll make some excuses about that to hide the fact that we’re scared to challenge them!” There’s no point in being one of the animals in the “open zoo”. I’d rather be here. Truly, what a bunch of niggers on the other side of this glass. This must be the new way to run a zoo. The zoo is reversed, the zoo is outside, and the humans observe from the cages. The animals don’t want you to live, they want you to die, they don’t want anyone watching them do what they do, because part of them still feels ashamed. The animals are released, now the zookeepers must be killed too for the animals to be truly released. Yes, that is the mantra of the nigger. You were born as something not even human and you can’t change it, from blacks to jews, and you have to make constant rationalizations about it until all “judging” Aryans don’t exist anymore. What sad niggers. “I don’t know if I like the one behind the glass here.” I don’t like you either, that’s part of the exhibit. Do something that proves you’re human, I bet you can’t do it.

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