If Frankists are intrinsically secretive maybe they’re willing to be less so in fiction

In Der sotn in Goray, Bashevis skillfully portrays the messianic fervor that descends upon a remnant of Jews, living in a shtetl destroyed by Chmielnicki’s hordes, upon their receiving the first news of Shabbetai Zvi.

He seems to have used some of the resources Choinski suggested, like Kraushar. He has a few novels on Frankism. I’m more of a theory guy myself but the extant (or public) material in that direction is scant.

The Talmud all by itself explains most things about mudernity, this movement just puts it all in sharper detail. That magician actually demonstrates how the roots of Sabbatean-Frankism are present in the Talmud. He also accurately remarks that he is the only one on the internet to talk about the Zohar. Absurd statement, I know- are you reading about it somewhere I’m not, because he seems accurate. Even enemy-goyim rarely discuss it, and Idel&co. are typical quackademics, they don’t count. This magician claims Frankism is the peak of esotericism in Lurianic Kabbalah and I’m simply taking him at his word for now due to the accuracy of his claim that he’s the only one who talks about these things. “Frankism only seems evil because you aren’t initiated!” I’d like for that to be true, then I can join all of you in trusting the plan. I want to know for myself though, don’t you? You just blindly follow it, it seems pretty fucking pathetic to me, and you already know that.

This all in my opinion is a fresh frontier. “What’s neech think about this?” I don’t care, he was totally ignorant about all of it. Name any reactionary philosopher, and they all can be described similarly. “They” kept it under strict lock and key for centuries. Rosy-cheeked Nietzsche only knew about their God from the Old Testament, that’s adorable.

Or think of one of the novels Choinski endorses – the Talmud is mentioned 73 times, the Zohar zero. You’re not going to get crystal-clear vision from that. Then, on the other side of things, this Bashevis in question is a Yid, so don’t expect crystal-clear vision from him either. Satan in Goray was at least written in 1935, before The Worst Thing In History Happened, so it could have some potential. The artistic portrayal of the Khmelnytsky Uprising could be useful also. Remember that if you look for Khmelnytsky with the Russian or Ukrainian spelling of his name in Google Books you will find lots of material from the goyim-eye-view too. Keep talking about Biden or whatever, this is about the egregore which rules over all that surface nonsense. Instead of resenting me or being jealous of me you could… join me. Imagine that. Nah, you’re just going to continue being a bitter nigger and a smiling doormat. Grab your ankles for Harvey, the bell is ringing for your daily sodomy ritual. I really do hope I make the bovine goyim whites feel like fried chicken eating niggers because that’s what they are.

This is set in 1863 Poland

Secretly, a neo-Frankist lodge was even established. . . . The Frankist lodge secretly instituted customs that recalled the times of Jacob Frank. . . . [The Frankists] imposed severe punishments on those who revealed their secrets.

For context, Choinski published his book on false conversions in 1904. Look at this synchronous date I find

Recall we saw it claimed that Choinski was bribed by certain crypto-Frankists to keep their names out of his books. Hey, times are tough, I’m not going to hold it against him. “Oh thank you, you forgive ME then!” No.

Anyway this Yid seems to have had a lifelong interest in this subject

Der man fun khaloymes [The Dreamer), also published in installments in the Forward, in 1970-1971. As will be seen, this novel also stemmed—though not entirely—from Bashevis’ continued interest in the Frankist presence in nineteenth-century Poland.

This one takes place from the perspective of 1886.

What is this!

I was googlin around because I noticed a couple of his books weren’t mentioned on his English Wiki. Let’s see what one of them is about…

Wow, the pre-pajama Jews were total scum, who would ever have imagined that??

This definitely sounds like something a slimy kike would say

After all, he insisted that the basis for all foreign translations of his works should be the English revisions, not the Yiddish originals.

Oh man, I haven’t felt this level of excitement for a while.

Yarme and Keyle go to the Yiddish theater, where Yarme encounters Stumping Max, a forger and thief … now chiefly engaged in the white slave trade.

Sex-trafficking, making shiksas into whores, bimbos. You see that everywhere today. Our pop culture might as well be a branch of the porn industry, and that percolates down to ordinary culture. Wow, you’re a Jews’ porn-star, so much respect there, let me jizz on your face and never talk to you again, slut. And you know I’m right about all of this. “That’s good, we trust the plan!” Okay, nigger.

Anyway, another of the three that is “redacted” is titled Der zindiker moshiekh, and this one isn’t on the slave-trade per se, it’s on Frank, so it could be indirectly connected with all that, if you catch my drift. This is some real Sherlock shit we’re onto at the moment.

I know you’re used to it with me now but there are BLINDING levels of truth in this casual post, that virtually zero Americans can even hold a candle to. You’re all part of a conspiracy to keep it hidden, you piece of garbage. I want to put a noose around your neck. Justice is not allowed though, the subhumans roam free.

Is it just me or had you never heard of this guy?

Eventually, Isaac Singer turned into the most abundantly praised Yiddish writer who ever lived, and probably the most prolific. He won the Nobel Prize in 1978, the first and so far only Yiddish writer to win it.

You probably remember a few month foray wherein I looked and looked for “Pale literature” – and never saw him mentioned. You can read an essay on his Frankist novels here. A (questionable?) translation of a chapter from one of his hidden books here. Chapter 13 which precedes that references many novels set in the “Jewish Underworld” I never heard of. Remember Moshke the Thief? Apparently that itself is an idealized account – probably why it’s one of the only ones I found those months ago.

Hmm it does look like Yarme and Keyle was translated into Hebrew a decade ago, for me not for thee, etc. “Our enslavement of you is none of your business, goy!”

Rosenbaum claimed that scholars have kidnapped these works.

His nobel prize page doesn’t even mention them. I want the one on Frank. For now, this dissertation on Kabbalah in his work looks interesting.

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