So in that Bashevis study the so-called grandfather of Yiddish literature is mentioned as having writing one of the first novels on the Jewish Underworld

putting on display a highly organized gang of thieves and white slavers

This is from 1864. This Mendele Moykher Sforim expanded it in 1888, and it can be insta-translated here.

I remind you of Bristow, whose study on this is the only one I’m aware of in English.

Anyway, the novel in question takes place in Berdichev

I can’t stop with this one though, because this chapter points to so much that looks like radioactive rat material

Pretty much every Jew who’s ever read me could do the same, and probably do in private. The braindead section of jewry is innocent, the ones who don’t know about ZOG and thus don’t feel the urge to run cover for their crime family. I personally appreciate them saying it right out in the open, and if I have to read a story from 1909 for that then I’ll take it.

Here’s one from 1920

Every sign of goodness and virtue is eradicated from Varshavski’s shtetl, and only the inner worthlessness of the chief characters is apparent.

Here is a what some might call more directly relevant one, which I’m not seeing on z-library, amazon, etc.

Opatoshu wrote a series of stories about Jewish criminals in New York entitled Fun nyu-yorker geto (From the New York Ghetto), which were later collected and published in one volume under the title Untervelt (Underworld).

“It’s only Italians that do that, didn’t you see those Jewish-funded movies?” Ha you pieces of shit, I didn’t even know that for sure and I googled the producer of the Godfather, and lo and behold. And also yes, that film is set in NYC (((cohencidentally))). This is a real psyop and it is effective, so take notes. Guess who produced Goodfellas? Whoa, a Jew! “We’re not da cwiminals, yor da cwiminals!” On the flip side of the shekel, this is similar to how they have liberals hating cops rather than feds. You people just don’t have any ambition to take out the big ones, the sharks, do you? That’s called “having a pleb brain”, that’s called the gods cursed you from birth to have the silver soul of a follower.

This city must have been a hotspot, or nexus, or head of the octopus

“We’re God-fearing and observant!” Yeah and your god derives sustenance from the blood of the goyim.

I love to be alone in a room talking to myself for years because this is my preferred subject-matter! Definitely doesn’t make me feel like I should be in a straight-jacket in a padded room instead.

Anyway thank you for saying this, scholar person

In the wake of the Holocaust, however, Yiddish critics, horrified by the complete destruction of Eastern European Jewry, came to be ashamed of these motifs in Yiddish literature.

Boasting about white slavery, you get what you deserve.

This is precious

their despairing attempt to evoke a nostalgic, elegiac vision of Eastern Europe as a land of holiness

Back to Bashevis though, this sounds rowdy, when will the University of Austin release this?

If you study the Pale you will see it was inundated by Ghislaine Maxwells. And the Yentas of today don’t seem very far away from her.

Mysteriously, pretty much everyone seems perfectly fine with people with a history like that pushing them around, and being imbued with their refracted light.

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