This was translated only in 2019 and I’m not seeing a PDF anywhere

From another book I see while looking for that one

Here is a theme I’ve talked about before also in this book

This is just getting way too obvious

Scholem claimed that Frankism was one of the most important sources of Hasidism, Reform Judaism and the Haskalah

WHOSE CENTURY ARE WE LIVING IN? Are we indeed living in the time of the Moshiach? I know it’s not a weighty question at all to ask that!

Here’s something chilling, and it’s not a bad way to succinctly encapsulate Frank

Abolition of all law, moral and legal – we don’t see that anywhere do we. You’re fooling yourself if you trace that ethos to anyone other than Frank.

Maybe it’s just me, I like morality. I think the good is… good. So I’d have to disagree with what these cladistic-Frankist bankers are doing with the civilization I’m living in.

“Now you’re just jumping to conspiracies!” Right, because rich Jews reach for the Marquis de Sade when their own co-ethnic is right there. For the hundredth time, I doubt many of these Kabbalists I talk about are ever read, it’s just in their blood. The pajama-people mess with your head about all this, that is an understanding you should internalize. That’s how they keep you a serf, it’s not just physical, it’s psychological. They want you to feel a twinge like tears are going to start when you recall what happened to them. They infiltrated governments and institutions in order to abolish all law and morality. You’re not going to see me grabbing the kleenex box about that. It’s all perfectly going according to plan, and that’s exactly what having trillions of dollars at your disposal is capable of achieving. Anyone who talks about them, like ME, is the eternal scapegoat- that is according to their plans. You are duped beyond your wildest imagination. You are Pavlov’s Dog, they control your very first instinctive reaction to hearing about them from the core of your being. They have that mapped out. It’s not enough to say “they live in your mind” because it’s far worse than that- they can’t live “in” your mind when they ARE your mind. That’s like saying they live inside themselves, and that’s redundant. I know this probably sounds extreme, and I don’t think it is. These are my detached observations of how goyim respond to being informed about these things.

I’ve seen the Zionism connection in a few places now too

You’re all pretty much Satanists in denial, to me. This is what all the “shabbos goys” represent. They don’t care, their souls are made of sulfur and dirt. They probably secretly revel in being this way- “Ha ha no more morality!” I can hear them cackling like demons when they say that.

Okay, so, good, we know their origins, we know their guiding ethos, now what do we do about it? My advice is to learn how to stop coping. Pretty much everyone is their shabbos goy. You should accept that and stop being one. All you can probably do is cope and tell yourself “I’m not one of those, I’m independent, I’m ME.” I don’t think that’s the case. The goyim are too uniform for that to be true. They all follow the dogmas of the egregore to the T, there is no independence involved in that. You’re in the service of evil, and whether it’s direct or indirect, you’re bribed to be. You should accept that is a fact, say it out loud to yourself, please. “Wait a second, you’re the scapegoat though!” Exactly, that is a conditioned response. Let’s fight multi-trillion dollar conditioning, that’s a fun hobby of mine, you can do that too if you want.

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