“Let’s give the people who threaten our immoral establishment love and money.” No, that’s never going to happen. My conclusion from that is what are love and money worth then? Only someone who challenged them I’d be able to see as an “equal”, and no one can challenge them, only defend them. “Why doesn’t he write?” Probably because after too many years I need normal people things like love and money. I am the only one to challenge them in any substantial sense for decades and this is what they want for you. Question them, here is your example. They give me pop-up ads about how I should kill myself like McAfee, or use celebrities to tell me I’m worth less than a gorilla “human”. Here you go. Are you happy to be a scared goyim? I for one think that if I had love, money, and friends, which anyone of my cognitive ability deserves, then all Jews would probably be murdered in a ditch, so that’s why they avoid it. Hello my dear goyim. I’m you, I always was you. Jesus Christ, why did you write this post? “Because you’re not me.” You still trust your own opinion after all this time? Women will have the happiest life if they accept that they are slaves. Everyone wants to be the master of European women because they don’t want their own women. They want both European women and men eliminated from reality because they’re not niggers like them. So much of politics secretly turns around the question of whether you want human garbage in the future. They target European women because they know if they exist in the future they will be a threat. If they are part gorilla or part goblin they won’t be a threat anymore. Only two Europeans together can create a threat that survives into the future, and that’s why that’s the cardinal sin of our time.

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