Why, why is this your pastime?

Apparently the actual goats seek a source of vital nutrition that collects on the stone at those altitudes.

Everyone has such a cognitive dissonance about it. “I don’t want to walk out there, and yet at the same time…”

People like to think of you as “Shrek” for talking that way. Or Fiona–allow me to show some gender equality. The truth is ugly. That’s why they have to see it as an ogre’s endeavor. To me, the Godhead consists of truth, goodness, and beauty (if we were to use all-too-human words to describe it) and if the truth is indeed ugly there is also something negative to say about goodness and beauty. In other words, goodness and beauty are missing something if they do not have trueness. Goodness is bad, beauty is ugly, without truth. They turn into their opposites if they do not have that essential element.

You won’t often see me playing the theologian, that’s just not my forte. Though I will say that truth seems to precede goodness and beauty. In that sense it’s like the “hidden god”. You try your own thought-experiment about it without being relativistic. Which of the three is the closest to godliness? Plato himself thought it was the good, Nietzsche thought it was beauty, so if your intuition leads you to either of those it’s not like you’re in bad company.

So let’s just skip the preamble here. Do you want me to tell you what I think is the truth?

It’s strange that the protected people never demonstrate self-awareness that they’re protected people.

If I were part of a protected group myself I can see myself wondering in public about why I am protected. I’d be asking, Did we do something wrong?

And you don’t see that from any of them. Why?

One would almost have to conclude they did AND do something wrong, and don’t want to face up to it, and indeed want to continue doing it, and continue being protected against criticism for doing it.

“What do you mean, ‘protected groups’?” I’m not going to say the specific words that make you fly off the handle because you have emotional problems. Instead I’ll ask you a question- do you think those don’t exist?

If you want to know what the “truth” is without any beauty or goodness moderating it at all, certain people are given the warrant to be a bad person and no one can say anything against it. In other words, if you do the bad thing your group of people always does then you are innocent for it.

It’s no use to ask if this is “sustainable”. Do you know why that is? It’s because the people at the very top of society ARE those protected people. They don’t care if it’s sustainable, they only want to be protected, and continue being their dirt self free of criticism. Oh yeah I guess it’s so ugly and bad to say this.

People tend to think of goodness and beauty as needing to moderate truth, and I see it as the other way around. You should step away from politics and breathe some fresh air for a second.

Try to think of it in terms of 100 years from now. Do you want society to consist of protected groups and nothing else? “They won’t have to be protected from anyone!” Yes, that’s the Jews’ perspective, I know.

As with all things, this is a personal thing to me, and I think most people think of it that way. Do you want to be friends with people from protected groups? How about the people you work with? How about the one you have kids with? How do you respect any of those people if they are part of a protected group? “I don’t judge you for being a piece of shit, no worries!” No thanks.

This is all part of the Plotinian Great Chain of Being idea of course. Ideally, one would only want non-protected groups to exist in reality. What’s up my best friend, you’re part of a protected group, you sound like someone I can respect, wow! Who wants that in the future?! I don’t, I don’t even want you around now, hence the genocidal tirades. I’m not protecting you from being deemed a piece of garbage if that is what you are, and most protected groups seem to exemplify being one of those.

Esther, you’re so mysterious. No, people just feel so bad for you that no one is allowed to question you. I bet a mischling from that would be something to be proud of, yeah right. “So how were you born?” “Society at that time decided it’s best to pretend certain groups are human.”

“I’d be pretending YOU’RE a human, goy.” Are you ever going to admit that’s a rationalization? It’s you that is in a protected group. No state and no institution protects people like me. Anyone can criticize me all they want, and meanwhile if you say anything about browns, blacks, jews, or women, all of a sudden it looks like you’re going to be removed from society. That means you all have a handicap. That’s how you exist in a political space, with a handicap sign on your person. It’s a jew, it’s a woman, it’s a mudperson. Great, I’m glad that’s what you need in order to talk in public and be respected.

Recall the beginning of this post- it is strange that none of them ever demonstrate self-awareness that they are part of protected groups. You are mental retards in denial of it. And you only want mental retards in the future with no opposition to them. We’re already living in that future!

“I like to be protected from people saying I’m immoral.” Yeah, I know, that is true.

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