Nice to meet you! Glad we could finally cross that boundary. Yeah right, we know the feds already “introduced” you to me probably some years ago now. I have evidence they’re still snapping photos of me too, can you drop your camera and just talk to me instead, I haven’t had a conversation in… Probably never actually, my old friends from like 7 years ago hated when I brought politics up. Try to keep in mind I’m not talking about myself here, I’m demonstrating that if you go through a few of the mystery schools of the western canon and decide to type on the internet with reckless abandon these are some of the consequences you could expect. For the sake of science I will note again that there is a distinct castration-fantasy that arises when you violate their so-called sacred order. They don’t want men in society in general, only domesticated ones. That’s how they preserve peace. Even a rabid anti-socialist like myself can somewhat understand what would motivate them. Even the rabble has a pretty solid intuition of how society could slide into total mayhem. Okay, I know you didn’t want me to bring up Jews, well you can’t understand our society without bringing them up. Even if lots of leftists aren’t perfectly happy with our political order, they fear serious, grand-scale suffering if the Jews were taken out of the picture. I’m going to go with an anecdote at the moment- I talked with one of those rich old Jews the other day for the first time in a while, and he was noticeably frustrated that he couldn’t pull me in to his hypnotism. The naive goyim don’t have a chance against these people, their psyches are too flimsy. They pretend to be your friend and in reality they want you to be their negro. There are a few levels of dissimulation they expect goyim to not be aware of, and they’re right, most of them don’t have a clue. I don’t see this as a personal experience, I think it speaks to the civilizational level. It’s more of a fragile balance than people realize. That’s the only reason they ban the slightest infraction with an iron fist. The theological-political IS a type of hypnotism, and it can be broken at any time. Don’t expect me to not praise Jews for being able to do this, these are some exceptional people. With that said, I simply don’t trust them.

I think a lot of people really wish that politics could be explained with more abstract qualities rather than race. Those have their place, it just seems obvious that one race of people determines the meanings of those abstract qualities. In that sense, race is even more abstract than those abstractions.

I was innocent at one time too, I only wanted to “understand humanity” in those days, and these are the conclusions I’ve drawn from that wonder.

Remember that magician? He’s a Sephardi himself, and makes similar remarks I do about jewry here. There aren’t many initiates around, and he seems to be one of them. I doubt there are “600,000” in the world. If you want to know my real opinion without caring what anyone thinks, the holocaust messed up the minds of both goyim and jews, and the living generations carry a burden that prevents them from thinking clearly.

Back to this idea of understanding humanity, I think they NEED the ruling-caste to be immune from sin in order to go about their day normally. The very top of society needs to be pristine and sparkling, otherwise everything else radiates doubt.

My constant point is that you SHOULD have doubt, because the ones in charge create a society of doubtful value.

They force you to blame others for their mistakes, that itself should tell you everything about them. That’s called a kike. You put the blame onto me because you want a ruling-caste that is perfect and unquestionable. That isn’t the case, we’re living in a dystopia and it has a star of david as its symbol.

“We don’t care, we’re going to keep scapegoating you for showing us knowledge that isn’t Jew-approved!”

Most people just go after the faux-evil of the world. My question for you is Where were you? Why weren’t you there to join the fight against the real evil?

“Because I AM that!” That’s too realistic for you to say, isn’t it.

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