Looking for some cutting-edge Kabbalistic material

So far these seem “guilty” of what Idel’s student Garb said about scholarship focusing only on medieval times.

This Lachter one looks interesting nonetheless

the Kabbalists countered with a doctrine that granted Jews a uniquely privileged relationship with God. Lachter demonstrates how Kabbalah envisioned this increasingly marginalized group at the center of the universe

If you think that Bjerknes is exaggerating about that androgyne thing, see Wolfson here. Our political order is the universalization of Kabbalah. “Good, I want to be mannish, I’m sick of being treated like a girl!” You’re so awkward though, don’t be awkward at least. Something forced and inauthentic about it usually. Then on the other hand you have the eunuchs that won’t mumble a peep about anything dangerous. I for one don’t like how their plan is going so far. Nothing in its right place, because the ones at the top aren’t in their right place. The postwar order is sort of like a revolt of the circus freaks. You don’t want slimy deformed mutants running things. The Jews morally are like hunchbacked Igors. The only reason they’re accepted as the overlords is because they maintain a web of deceptions with OCD levels of impeccability. People love that, it makes them happy that lies are enforced. Maybe someday I will realize I’M the demon in the equation here, and today is not that day!

Whether I like it or not I’m an American, and one thing I’m concerned with is WHY DID WE HAVE THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR? You follow the breadcrumbs to the Bank of England, and you wonder about what those supposedly “Portuguese” usurers really believed about the world and humanity. This is 200 years after Isaac Luria. The foundation of the country was not in opposition to a Christian King, i.e. throne and altar. Even though it wasn’t, that IS the spirit of our very time, regardless. And that is due to botched historiography which is a result of not taking into account the interests of capital and the secret religion behind it. That’s the same thing we need a revolution against today. Instead we have an ongoing cultural revolution against throne and altar, as if that’s the thing controlling society and creating all the woe. If everyone was better informed about history and the history of religion then we’d be able to fight the real enemy rather than the DECOY!

And again, this inquiry is also relevant for the Chinese in understanding the Opium War. The heart of the Sabbatean movement was relatively speaking only a stone’s throw away from the homeland of the Sassoons. Why did they not care about devastating China? Could it be that they perceived the Chinese as sitra achra? Remember that the Opium War continues to be a significant part of contemporary Chinese psychology. Just like our Revolutionary War is a significant part of ours. I want to get the facts right. Money-grubbers that see you as a demon to de-spark, ring a bell? Those are the ones in power today. “What do you mean, I’m living in paradise thanks to them.” Once you hit 40 and those wrinkles really start to line your face I’ll ask you how it’s going. I’m sure your fond memories of the endless congo line of strangers who used you as an organic fleshlight will keep your heart burning with passion as you scoop the kitty litter while the outside world continues to delve toward third world status. Didn’t you know that’s what emancipation is supposed to be about? Duh.

Do you think King George liked to drink Christian blood? It’s kind of creepy to think about the details of all this. Apparently in those days they drained it into bags made of wax. It makes you think differently about Washington when you realize his real enemy probably wanted to eat him in a matzo ball.

That magician confirmed something I’ve seen hinted about in the literature- that the sephirothic system of the Kabbalists amounts to a polytheism. He directly says you’re stupid if you don’t realize that. And I think that’s an added twist to all this. It’s a strange cult from Babylon. And now they are at the helm of the most advanced technology in human history. The chances are they own every thought you think. It’s good to learn some things about them. They do have a chrysalis that they left behind which can be examined, though most of it is in the Hebrew language.

This student of Wolfson’s appears to be approaching this in a scientific manner

My main question at the moment is to what degree can we understand such crucial events of world history such as the Revolutionary War and the Opium War through the figure of the moshiach Sabbatai Zevi. You can think of him as the “secret Jesus” of a minority notorious for monopolizing economies. The disturbing factor though is that this “Jesus” abolished all morality rather than preached morality.

Was George Washington alluded to (behind closed doors) as a Khmelnytsky figure? Or more mystically speaking–as Samael? It might surprise you that I am not cynical about George Washington – I see him as the good guy. We beat “them” at least for some time. And I think it would be highly advantageous for our society if we all reinterpreted American history in light of this secretive, polytheistic, blood-drinking, uncle-banging desert cult. Do you think they’d wince at teaching that to kids in school? What if it were true though? Don’t you think the youth should understand who the founder of their country was fighting against? Those bankers were only reading the Old Testament – what level of fantasy do you have to be living in to believe that?

It’s so fundamental to our beliefs here it isn’t easy to detect. You have to really examine yourself to see it. The Rev War is the air we breathe. If you go on the Frenchnet you will see that the French Revolution is the air they breathe in France. It’s not so simple when you’re an American yourself to see how much of an impact the American Revolutionary War has on your psyche. I can see it clear as day. Examine yourself. Once you can see that then you can proceed to wonder who the true parties were in that War. Just look how much the Queen of England is hated by liberals today. This is a direct result of Rev War historiography. The royals weren’t the real ones we were fighting in that War.

It is an 8-bit understanding to see those bankers as adherents of the Old Testament, and it is an 8-bit understanding to see them as adherents to the Talmud.

The chances are they were Lurianic. The court is still out whether they were Lurianic-Sabbateans.

Were the Rev War Americans perceived as the “Thoughtless Light”, one of the heads of the dragon, described by Nathan of Gaza (1643–1680)?

This is 1689

Thirty-three years after Cromwell had let the Jews into Britain a Dutch Prince arrived from Amsterdam surrounded by a whole swarm of Jews from that financial centre.

And now consider this

The Jewish community of Amsterdam, where almost the entire Jewish community had become followers of Sabbatai Zevi

The Bank of England was founded in 1694.

We see George Washington everyday on our dollar bills. I just want to know who he was fighting against. The Sabbateans were incestuous pedophiles who believed that the English settlers in America were animal-souled shells of pseudo-light born from a demonic realm who are meant to be treated like livestock. It wasn’t about the King of England filling his pockets with tea taxes.

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