Here is one clue – this rabbi lived in London from the 1740s to the 1780s

So they weren’t allergic to Sabbateanism then

he seems to have been friendly with Chief Rabbi David Tevele Schiff, whom Falk referred to as the “rabbi of London and the entire country”.

Schiff’s chief disciple was Nathan Adler, a Lurian

The kabbalists claimed that real esoteric theology should never be published, but should only be orally transmitted to worthy disciples.

You’ve probably heard of the banker Jacob Schiff? He was related to Tevele.

Sticking with Falk though, apparently a “cryptic” diary of his is extant. Was he pals with any bankers?

In London Falk amassed a great wealth. He took up residence at a house in Wellclose Square formerly occupied by Judith Levy, Moses Hart’s eccentric daughter. Here he was waited on by nobles, aristocrats, and princes

The problem is that Kabbalists often don’t leave a paper trail, bankers often don’t leave a paper trail, so you can’t expect Kabbalist-Bankers to leave a paper trail.

Okay, you’re about to hear a name you don’t want to hear – just glaze your eyes over and pretend you’re reading a different name, yeah?


This is in a book about the opium trade.

My fellow tinfoilers must be tingling with excitement right now.

Part of genealogy is recreating the lifeworld of a past time. The Revolutionary War is the FOUNDATION of the global superpower, I want to know what it was about

So this Sabbatean, Falk, was at the very least a friend of Goldsmid. Whether he WAS him sounds crazy to me but who knows.

Remember Emden was one of the main opponents of Sabbateanism

The esteem in which Falk was held by the Jewish community, including the Chief Rabbi and the Rabbi of the new Synagogue, appears to have roused the resentment of his co-religionist Emden, who denounced him as a follower of the false Messiah

This is just a symptom of Rev War England.

This is the essential thing to keep in mind in this context

A connection for the pedants- Lessing’s dialogues on freemasonry is titled… Ernst and Falk.

Therein Falk formulates the idea of a world without government – was the real Falk not only a Sabbatean but a Frankist too, that’s another question. Was he alluding to Kabbalah in this?

the hint continually thrown out by Falk that there is something behind Freemasonry, something far older and far wider in its aims than the Order now known by this name–the modern Freemasons are for the most part only “playing at it.”

Falk was well-known in Germany as well as England, so Lessing could be alluding to him.

This was written in 1781 by someone from the royal court in Poland

It is said that these teachings are contained in a Chaldean book called “The Zohar” [le Zohar]. However, they are expressed there in a way so convoluted and allegorical, and so demanding the knowledge of the numerical values and etymologies of the [Hebrew and Aramaic] words, that only very few Jews understand [the Zohar]. Among these who do, Falk and Frank are often mentioned

Apparently Cagliostro said himself that he was a disciple of Falk.

Did Falk have other banker pals in London aside from Goldsmid? He seems like “the guru” of that time and place. And he just so happened to be a Sabbatean.

He was known everywhere – why am I hearing of him for the first time now?

Catherine the Great of Russia, made it quite clear that they knew of his connection with Falk.

The cousin of King Louis XVI, Philippe, who supported the French Revolution, was also a pupil of Falk’s.

Just trying to get some feel for the atmosphere of England during Rev War times

They say that to this day that synagogue continues to receive annual donations from Falk. So he must have been real good buddies with the chief rabbi of that in his time.

DRUMONT writes about him

I’ve downloaded so many PDFs on this connection so far today, and it feels like only the beginning.

This reminds me that what is interesting about the Rev War is that it’s somewhat misleading to designate the “baddy” as the Bank of England because it’s really the international bankers of EUROPE who are all connected to each other

Falk’s alleged participation in this affair would later be rejected by his banking patrons, the Boas brothers at The Hague.

Another connection you might want to look for is the crypto-Sabbatean Luzzatto’s writing of his magnum opus in Amsterdam in 1740.

I keep thinking of the title of this book

Remember my post on the “old shark” – it seems to go as follows- Babylon to Khazaria to Venice to Lisbon to Amsterdam to London to New York.

…. to Beijing?

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