Bjerknes on audio is great. I’m listening to the second video here. You can tell just from his voice that he’s not some “wackjob” or “crank” or whatever you want to call it. Here is a man. One of the only people in the world who I think deserves the title of “scientist”. That video is on Sabbateanism. Heh, the “BIS” bank is pictured for that video – why am I and maybe two others the only ones who ever bring that up? It might as well be an undocumented “extra country”. Fools!

Do I have exclusively hatereaders at this point? Much to my profound agony and dismay I might be figuring out how to link you to something that allows you to send me money soon here. If people had a choice between sending me money or one of their own turds in the mail they’d probably choose sending me the turd. Thanks, it’s so well-preserved, what was it in the mail for, three days or so, that’s amazing! People are probably super fucking paranoid to add to that spitting bile hatred they have for me, so I suggest buying one of those visa gift cards with cash and using that, I don’t even know if they’d send bitcoin because they think feds would be tracking them, so this could be futile. Thing is, that magician sells his books deliberately at expensive prices so only a few can read them, and I want to read them myself, and if I did that then I’d be using them as my pillow under a bridge, and I’m not so sure that would be worth it. Other than that you might have noticed through the stalkers who have followed me for years (who are mysteriously paid more than I am myself at my jobs) that I’ve been in a gulag for the last month or so, and philosophy is impossible when I have to deal with that. I feel like I’m talking to totalitarians who want me to be dead, so I’m not sure if there’s really any point to saying this. Again, I see this as less about myself and more about the absolute state of the goyim. I’m you, this is what happens when you devote your life to the truth. And you know I’m not a liar or a swindler, unlike pretty much everyone! so hopefully you flip me a coin whenever I figure out the technicalities of this, and frankly I’m retarded about money in general so I don’t know if I’ll even figure that out at all. Let’s put it this way- all the depraved pieces of garbage in the world are happy when I don’t write very much – do you want them to be happy? I’m literally a starving artist who nuked the establishment so devastatingly that no one can say my name, which is Nick. And I want to do it AGAIN AND AGAIN! So. Give me your money. Even if I hate you, in fact because I hate you. Is that a good selling-point, let’s ask a Jew about it. “No, you pretend to love them you stupid goy.” Oh sorry, thanks for the advice you kike. I want to buy expensive kabbalah books, I want to talk to you about the highest possible matters in our historical situation. Slog through dense, extremely technical texts and isolate the best parts for you, then talk about them like the criminally-minded psychopath that I am. That must be worth something more than nothing, which is exactly what I’ve gotten for years of doing just that. I think I’ve proven myself worthy of not dying in a gulag, call it a hunch. So I might send you a link in the next few days, I don’t know. Who else writes a preamble like this? So much pure retardation and craven obsequiousness is funded every day, and I feel bad about that?? I myself must be confused. Almost all the money in the world is a waste, and you know it from this off the reservation resort of yours, which I’ve given you a taste of for years. So you can be a good reader, and it would perhaps be the most virtuous act of your life (without exaggeration) to give me money if I maybe give you a link in the next few days. Because I love to nuke this piece of shit of a world, and I want you to help me do that. Namaste.

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