Joseph Dan is another prominent Kabbalist. You can learn who some of his students are here. This is a book of essays in his honor, and I find this one conspicuous, don’t you

I used to think Hodos was exaggerating when he said many see Schneerson as the moshiach. Well, Wolfson sees him as that, and here is evidence that Dan might too, and these are a couple of the most renowned Kabbalah scholars alive today. Or I used to think it was like a backwoods cult or something. No, it seems Chabad is a legitimate, living, secret organization. I saw an interesting question arise on the Elista forum- is the successor of Schneerson alive today? What is he writing about, if so? Wolfson for one sees Schneerson as the seventh and final “Imam”, but I do wonder if there is some authority who speaks for him today, one that you wouldn’t necessarily find in academia. There is some kind of creepy stuff involved in Chabad, like they believe Schneerson is still alive for example. Not much in English on them – Hodos I had to insta-translate from the Ukrainian. If you think of egomaniacal banking dynasties who believe certain of their members are reincarnations of Zevi, we’re probably not going to hear about that. In the case of Chabad they’re right out in the open about who they believe is the mashiach. I mean, right out in the open insofar as it probably took reading a nazi like me to ever have heard about it.

Joseph Dan is another one of these suspicious types. He recently wrote a thirteen volume history on Kabbalah and only treated the ancient to medieval times. Meanwhile, as we see here, his student is writing about contemporary Kabbalah. I infer that the oral tradition is still alive here at the supposed end of history.

Some of these old Kabbalists have names that might have stuck in your brain by now if you’ve looked into the subject very much- Gikatilla, Luzzatto, Eleazar of Worms, Isaac the Blind, etc. and I see Schneerson and his followers as in a sense saving us the trouble of reading these dozens of writers, because one expects that he synthesized his tradition for us. Well, not for us, not for goyim, you get the idea.

It’s just interesting to see where all of this led to in 2021. Contemporary Chabad I see as a type of accelerated education. From what I can tell they do appear to be “ultra-fascists”.

Anyway, just a casual glance from the Heebnet on that Dan student, I see another essay on Schneerson, and here are a couple of the footnotes

Nachman is that crypto-Frankist whose short stories that magician claimed contain some of the most secretive material.

If you listened to that Bjerknes podcast yesterday then you know some of the ugly details of what Frankists really represent.

I don’t know, doesn’t this title alone kind of say it all?

To many, he is the latest incarnation of Zevi.

From that Dan student’s essay (2013)

האדמו”ר האחרון לבית חב”ד לובביץ’, לא השאיר יורשים ממונים או שארי בשר

The last Rebbe of the Lubavitcher Chabad House left no heirs or superiors

Remember that “HaBaD” is an acronym for Hokhmah-Binah-Da’at

One deduces that Schneerson is above that upper triad in a sense. If you google him in Russian you will find statements like so

To put it bluntly, the way he talked, he might as well have been a living “elder of zion”. He died in 1994, so his “protocols” are like an update of the ones from a century ago.

In other words my point here is why seek the books of Nathan of Gaza when you can instead seek the kind that refined those ideas for hundreds of years?

By the way, chains of initiation- Dan wrote his doctorate under the supervision of Tishby.

Heh, meanwhile I continue to get McAfee pop-ups, cohencidences.

Whoa, how did I miss this… Here is the link to that essay collection in honor of Dan. FRANK is in the title of one of the essays!! It’s “The Character of Joseph in the book Words of the Lord Jacob Frank“. I showed you before that that magician recently re-published that book. You don’t have to buy it on amazon, the first edition is here. Doesn’t this seem kind of strange to you??? I can’t be the only one. “Look at this goy who doesn’t understand that nihilism is good!” From this I’m inferring that Chabad is Frankist, that Wolfson is Frankist, etc. Ahh that’s too funny, Dan wrote thirteen volumes on Kabbalah and it ends in the Medieval era. Well yeah, “crypto-Frankism” is a redundancy, hiding is intrinsic to Frankism. I direct you to my post on Scholem’s essay on the subject to get an idea of what this is about.

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