One of the more inconspicuously titled volumes of Dugin’s Noomakhia series, “Non-Slavic Horizons of Eastern Europe”, has this to say

the religious nihilism, atheism and materialism of Marx can be interpreted as the ultimate version of the Frankist “descent”… primarily in the USSR, but also in Hungary, and partly in Poland, Jewish communists (people from the shtetls and less often from the ghettos) played a key role in the establishment of communist regimes… Jewish Bolsheviks clearly understood the connection between communism and sabbateanism.

WHO are you, my commie friend? Do you even know yourself? Eh that’s what genealogy is for.

Marx was only born twenty something years after Frank died. He was a Hegelian and an anti-Hegelian, that’s it, it’s as simple as that, right?

I find a Chinese book on the Polishnet, what the frig

This draws on that “angry rabbi’s” books.

Isn’t it a funny non-coincidence that I show you first a Russian, then a Chinaman, of all people, that make this connection? Can you people on the left here in America stop pretending for a second that you aren’t communists? These are the ones that actually lived with it for decades, and these are the sorts of connections they make after all that rumination, all that death.

Hmm they must have not have qualms in China about making such an innocent observation

That reminds me, I haven’t even scrolled through the Sinonet about Kabbalah yet! They might have some delectable realtalk to find.

Wow, no one says this

By understanding the theology of the creation of Lurian Kabbalah and related messianic ideas, one can truly understand the origins of modern communism and the communist party, as well as the state of modern society and the international situation.

I think of the example of reading about Hölderlin on the Sinonet – they really do talk about that German poet in a way that casts more light on him than Germans do. Because they approach him so naively I think. There’s an advantage to that. It’s like how children can be excessively honest without trying to be.

“Yes, communism IS Jewish, and that’s why we love the Jews!” Okay, and why can’t you proclaim that in public then? Nothing shady at all about that, huh?

Anyway, this is how he describes the effects of the apostasy of Zevi, and it seems to follow

The mood of the people fell from fanatical expectations to extreme disappointment and even anger which caused religious catastrophes and the false messianic movement further turned into a religious heresy worshiping the devil Satan [i.e. Frankism], which later led to the emergence of Marxism. But we Chinese know almost nothing about this modern history.

Just 70 million dead under Mao, no big deal, who cares about the origins of his ideology? Certainly not American commies. Wow, almost sounds nihilistic, almost sounds Frankist, in a word.

Suppose this were true

the largest messianic movement in the history of Judaism emerged, and its consequences were catastrophic, affecting all mankind today.

“Who’s that??” That is Sabbatai Zevi.

This doesn’t seem like an exaggeration based on the translations from the Hebrew I’ve found

The “secret of God” in the heart of Shabati is the secret relationship between Messiah and Satan, and the secret is that the Messiah and Satan are the same. Shabbathi’s Kabbalah, Satan, the devil who fell into the bottomless abyss, tried to get out of the bottomless abyss to gain freedom. When the devil crawls out of hell to gain freedom, he becomes the Messiah on earth. Therefore, in the heart of Shabati, the devil Satan trapped in the bottomless abyss he is the soul of the Messiah. In other words, for Shabati, Satan the Devil turned out to be the Messiah! The Devil is the “savior” in his heart!… “God” in the heart of Shabati is not the Creator God in the “Bible”, but Satan the Devil!

It’s just too obvious. What else could the “holiness of sin” possibly mean? Look around, you’re living in Zevi’s world.

I have no problem admitting that Kant is the grandfather of Nietzsche. Would you be able to admit that Zevi is the grandfather of Marx?

This Chinaman is phenomenal, no one talks like this

This messianic movement with the cult of the devil as “God” has a profound effect on humanity. It later infiltrated many famous organizations and secret societies, destroying these organizations and corrupting humanity from within, and almost everyone today is poisoned.

Dugin doesn’t have a dog in this fight, he doesn’t seem like an “anti-semite” at all, and he says there is a direct causation between Sabbateanism and communism.

Anyway, this is easily one of the best writings on Zevi and his aftermath I’ve ever found, leave it to someone from a formerly Maoist country.

I’m reminded of Aristophanes’ play Ecclesiazusae which anticipated Zevi, Frank, and communism. Sabbateanism turned out to be so much more sophisticated and depraved than what was guessed at in that ancient document though.

In this hellworld I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall about all this. “Yeah, good, we’re Zevians then, what about it?”

All too relatable

Of course, we Chinese lacked understanding of them. so when devil worship entered China in the name of communism, people didn’t know it and thought it was a good thing and felt it could “save” China.

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