We know whose century it is. It’s not my century, and I want it to be. Don’t any other goyim have this ambition, or are you just going to sit back and take it?

Sorry that you don’t like to hear that ethos and blood go to together. So, that means that if you’re living in another blood’s century, you’re going to have to live with their ethos too. You can’t expect to be a happy person if you have to tolerate that.

Maybe I don’t find many people too relatable because I’m a mutt, who knows what’s going on with me. What I do know is that I can detect a white ethos when I see it. It’s often in the form of a subtle sense of humor, and the last few years it’s been anonymous people on the internet who I’ve detected it in. I would be a happier person if that was the ethos of the century.

Oriental despotism is not my people’s ethos. That is soul-deadening, and if you are fine with that it means you’re numb at this point. You’ve been pressured to accept something you don’t like and you’ve decided to own it and put a nice big smile on your face about it. You’re not going to see me smiling, because that would be the smile of a hollow person.

One food I never liked, one of the only foods actually, is green bell peppers. I just don’t like them. And that’s how I feel about Jews. I don’t want to be eating green peppers with a smile on my face throughout this 21st century. Why is that so wrong to say? I don’t think them, they’re plain, they’re disgusting. And with human beings it’s so much worse than food, on so many different, qualitative levels. You are gross, I don’t want you around, only if I was starving would I eat you. And… no one wants to admit due to fear of punishment that… I’m not the only one who hates this specific food. And still, they’ve resigned themselves to eating them into the indeterminate future. Wow, you have low standards for yourself if you eat a food that you hate and don’t say anything against it. It’s not even healthy for you, Jews are like a deep-fried bell pepper. Thus most Americans are spiritually fat. You can tell when people eat those things every day too. How about we try to explain the excessive antidepressant usage in this country. I’m willing to bet that being forced to eat green bell peppers every day is one of the causes of that. Because I know who EUROS are, and they are not Jews, it’s really simple to understand once you don’t give a fuck about the people forcing you to eat them. You taste like shit, I’d throw you somewhere beyond the hedge but I know not even opossums would eat you unless they were forced too. This is the reality of the red white and blue place. There’s not fifty stars on the flag, it’s one star and it has six points. No thank you! I personally am something between the temperament of a pagan and a Christian, and Judaism seems like Satan from both of their perspectives. You inept culinarians can go serve your platters of green peppers in Israel, you’re 2% of the population, and not everyone wants to eat that. Oh sorry, I haven’t even gotten political yet. They force everyone here into the monolithic blob that they oversee from above. They fuse you into the woman-nigger-blob. I don’t want to do that. I like to keep clear distinctions between different types of people, because they are different, and by different I mean drooling retards who humiliate themselves every time they open their mouth, if only their were non-bloblings present to hear it. I’m not going to be absorbing into that forgetfulness with you brainless non-humans. Anyone overseeing such a process would have to be non-human themselves. And that is indeed the case. It’s blob overseeing blob. And I’m here to flamethrow this double-blob into a crisp. That way maybe it will stop bouncing around and trying to jump onto me and absorb me into it. Most white people are already there, thus they have an identity confusion. No, part of you is still alive in there. Just open your eyes and try to claw your way out. I personally find Rachmaninoff as a good way to remember. This world these slimy ghouls have created for you is not the one you belong in.

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