I’ve yet to see a convincing argument against cladistics. If you want to voice one I’m all ears. This seems to be one of the most valuable ways of understanding the present. You might not have noticed that it presupposes premises that are in diametrical opposition to the blank slate dogma. In the cladistics view, humans are similar across time. That is to say that one generation resembles the previous generation, and even resembles perhaps five or ten generations back.

This is why I don’t have reluctance to talk about historical Judaism even though most Jews today seem secular. Yes, that’s all it is, they “SEEM”. You see what they were like before, and you find similarities, that’s all cladistics is. The reason the US is in the gutter is because it has applied the blank slate to them, and they simply continued doing what they’ve been doing for thousands of years. Study what they were like in Ancient Rome, it’s the same thing that’s happening. Who cares about Luria? You know what, Kabbalists are right to say it’s an ancient teaching. It doesn’t matter if they have different figures put a new spin on it, because as far as the perspective of the goyim is concerned, they continue to do the same shit over and over. And you imbeciles never learn. How many people like me warning you have existed over the centuries, and just were disappeared? Now you might understand those absent voices. “Yeah I’m part of that conspiracy, because you have no right to speak from the upper triad of sephiroth.” So what are you then if you can understand that concept? I bet you just want power. That’s what the Jews offer the bioleninists and they just lap it up.

There are ontological dimensions to this I’m not sure you understand. Not to brag, someone who identifies as “Wagner” and has a site with Nietzsche in the name, you could expect to have put a lot of thought into this subject. That is, if you ever bothered to read either of those two, which I doubt you have, opting instead to read the absolute morons and charlatans you call your friends, good for you. Power for its own sake is not something that you want. That’s why the Jews are where they are, and why the goyim mammonites eat out of their hand like a petting farm animal.

I’ve matured since my early days of hating Marx and actually have synthesized him quite seamlessly with Wagner and Nietzsche. If you wanted to play a “lofty” game you could meddle with their oeuvres and swap out “capital” with “power” and vice versa to render a different reading.

Marx hating his fellow Jews was a Frankist thing to do by the way. I’m not going to throw Frank into this though because that would make things too complex for now.

The idea of power for its own sake is the subject in question. This is the way that Wagner and Nietzsche were Kant’s grandsons. An off-the-cuff way to summarize Kant is that things have an intrinsic value to them. Power doesn’t have an intrinsic value unless it’s used for something that DOES have an intrinsic value.

This can get into some extremely controversial ideas. Let’s just state the case in direct language if you wouldn’t mind. If you’re a retard you have no intrinsic value, and thus retards with power have no intrinsic value.

THUS, Jews offering bioleninists power aren’t offering them anything substantial or real. That is because bioleninists cannot use power effectively. And the fact that Jews offer such people that is proof that Jews themselves cannot use power effectively.

That is what our political order is, power and capital with no substance behind it, no intrinsic value behind it.

In fact, when people like that are in control the very opposite of intrinsic value is perpetuated throughout the world.

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