The most dangerous thing in our political order is traitorous Jews. They could be the ones who could say the highest things if they wanted.

Am I a Nazi? Sure, it’s not easy to say though, because I think of someone like Israel Shamir. He’s better than a Nazi. I think of this in kabbalistic terminology too. You spend a few decades in Israel like him and it’s obvious you’re going to have a better understanding of this than an American, supposing that you do have a free spirit. That’s where he is, and he’s still so flawed, and that’s where I see “us” too.

Freemasonry, who knows what that means. You can use your own imagination, and reflect on who you happen to be talking about it.

There is a daimon here. I wave to you. I only use humans to talk through. Daemon, is that how they spell it? Yeah, I really don’t like you and use people to talk to you, oftentimes in a negative way. Because what do you think you are? There’s nothing good to say about you, that’s the polite way to say it.

Human person back here now. This is why I talk to the Jews the way I do. I’m not talking to you.

Why did you interrupt my prayers?

No, it’s only someone writing fiction here, No One looks down upon humanity from this place.

You Jews are pretty good though, I have to admit from all this time.

You should just tell me something secret.

“And jeopardize my people??”

See, you’re off the handle about certain things. All I like in life is for secrets to be told to me. “And you’ll use it as another Auschwitz”. If that’s where it leads then maybe that’s where they were supposed to be led to?


So what is mocking you like this then? Why do you have to hide it? That’s a sign I made you question the nature of the moshiach. You have to keep a steel defense about questions because you jews are so insecure, and why would someone like that we want to be determining what people are able to believe?

dot dot dot, never anything profound. It’s the decision to not be profound. Thanks for offering nothing of value. When jews and their goyim talk I sleep, it’s all “nothing” to say to feel better about being retarded sellouts.

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