I usually focus on destruction because I see it as more of a pressing issue, though its counterpart is just as important. The ground needs to be cleared before it can be built on. The towards-subhuman telos is what needs to be destroyed. That itself always implies its opposite, so it’s always there when destruction is taking place, if indirectly. Here is something less indirect

Unfortunately this is the only salvagable fragment from an entire (Deleuzian) essay, and many such cases.

There isn’t much material on this subject by serious scholars because they don’t want to tarnish their reputations.

Here is a rare standalone study on the subject.

If you’re an optimist then you might expect to find non-proggish studies on this sometime. Don’t count on it, just learn to tolerate it. They’re at least redeemed in that they defy the prog ethos in certain ways (even if they don’t admit it or aren’t aware of it themselves).

This writer invented (or discovered) her own language that differs from the above

While I don’t understand what any of those characters mean I do think it’s theoretically possible to develop a new language that is aligned with concepts from higher, posthuman states of consciousness.

Progs only want to pretend they see eye to eye with this goal

It’s impossible to talk about this outside of one of the sorts of language above because the profane are incapable of perceiving the gravity. I’ve written about this book before, another rare study.

Heh, that first study though- “downloading” is a funny figure of speech to describe it

The goal seems to be to synthesize shamanism with Sufist, Kabbalist, and “euro-mystic” ideas relating to the higher worlds, and then to create a new language from there that would be gibberish to most/all humans alive today. I have a few other screenshots I’m not going to share because they’re too absurd-seeming. You can click those books if you aren’t allergic to this stuff.

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