You can definitely detect the ebbs of culture. I’m not talking about this in an extremely broad context in this case like I often do, I mean in the last decade. Biden facilitated this “winter” that we’re in. It’s a period of death and hibernation. How long will it last? I don’t know, I’m not a fortune teller. I only intend to state that it can be detected. It seems both the left and the right were more alive between 2015-2019. Just more passion all around. You can try to be a “culturologist” if you want and speculate that maybe there is a spike then a recovery period, then a spike then a recovery period. I warned you even a couple years ago that Biden represented a robotocization of the country. Go enjoy the sunshine or something because there doesn’t seem to be much that’s exciting at this place in the cycle. People will just have to get sick of it again, and that will take time, that getting sick is gradual. I feel like with Biden the door to innovation in general has closed. Bureaucracy is just objects that bounce off each other like billiard balls and that’s really the hidden meaning of what he represents. The Bernie fans probably understand this too. If you imagine the president as the one steering the ship, with Biden that wheel is locked in place, and there’s not a real, live person holding it. That “wall” idea of you-know-whose was a bitchslap that people are still seeing stars over, and they’ve mostly just drifted into a comatose state at this point. And that was their intention with Biden. It’s a type of static of the mind. That was their real objective with boosting him through the elections. It was a sort of freedom of the spirit that they did not want, and they got rid of it, like a magic trick. The US reminds me more of China now actually. The people there don’t even talk about politics because they know they can’t change anything. People here have taken to “gardening” so to speak, whatever their personal form of that is. With the onset of Biden the visceral consensus is that “the political” is not something that can be meddled with. The problem with that is that meddling with the political for some people IS their form of gardening. Thus I’ve talked about the JEWS during Trump’s and now Biden’s presidency. Others, similar to me, get their fix by talking about the CIA or something like that. My question to them is what is the nature of the egregore that the CIA is beholden to? Okay, so admit that you talk about the political in only a filtered sense. In other words, what kind of gardener are you, are you cultivating weeds? I’m trying to grow the heaviest pumpkin. Does Bjerknes have anything on me? It’s tough to say. I’m not going to question his pumpkin, he is a gardener who is beyond reproach. I KNOW, TRUST ME I KNOW, that people hate me for saying it, it’s just that pretty much everyone in our culture reminds me of a 5 year old talking. Before Biden it was somewhat different. This is what I mean by the “detectable ebbs”. I have a distinct memory of talking about our favorite chosen people back in 2017 and it was this one ideologue-merchant type of person who I knew was reading what I was saying, and it was like he was scared and he hugged himself into a ball, and he knew he was a surface kind of person, and he just continued with his ideologue-merchant ways. Still, I think there was a different energy in those days. And people have mostly accepted that we live in a totalitarianism now. Tell me if I’m wrong, I try to be a culturologist, and that seems like an empirical fact. “Yes, this is a totalitarianism, we weren’t exactly sure before, and now we fucken KNOW that it definitely is!” These are the things no one says in an explicit way, and yet it seems to be the “mood”. -Chinese accent- You gahden, you do trivial ting nao! It’s so sad, and I guess that’s just how it goes. It’s tough to say, maybe in 2030 you can expect another one of those “spikes” if you’re lucky. Just generic going-through-the-motions, that’s what roboticization means. Courage is not one of the virtues that is going to be emphasized in this phase of our regime. Minding your P’s and Q’s, and doing the hokey pokey because that’s what it’s all about. I just want to go on one of those 6-month nature trails honestly. When your culture is doing this “dip” thing that’s a good way to avoid being pulled along with it. It’s too bad one of YOU couldn’t be my “bitcoin”, perfectly secretive, no one knows, you’re joining me anonymously. Seriously though, I’m not even sure if being on the internet is good during this Bidenian… is there a word for “opposite of renaissance”? There’s definitely been a subtle shift in the degree to which people submit to the regime, and we’re experiencing a sharp increase. Submission. You’re friends are all doin’ it, why don’t you do it too? Aren’t you part of the crew, mannn? It’s time to sell your soul like it’s nothing because it’s even clear to the blind now that we live in a totalitarian order. Just sayin, it’s easy to see if you look. Settling to live in this fallen world without a fight, all across the board. This is nostalgia on my part, I apologize, even a few years ago it seemed so much easier to find people who laughed in the face of the establishment. Now they’re just lackeys without any question of conscience at all.

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