The stereotype of “conservative” is really misleading in my case because what drives me is that I love to talk about things that are cursed. If our culture “flips out” about something I revel in that. I don’t purely do it just to mess with people though, I find real value in most of the things I discuss here. The cursed things contain something divine. That in fact is why they are cursed. This you could call a gnostic theme. The divine is hated by the world you could say.

A serious question for those who are attuned to my “mind-wave”- if you could choose three Necronomicons, what would they be? It could go back to the earliest written records to the present day.

I request you think about that before seeing what I believe they are.

What are the three most cursed books you can think of? Isn’t that fun? Everyone thinks they’re TRULY demonic if you talk about them in a direct way.

Ahhhh if you think about this too much you might think of a “fourth” one. Let’s just stick with three for now.

Etz Chaim, Quran, Republic.

If you can excuse my French, these seem like the most fucked up books that exist on the planet.

The funny thing is, you could physically carry copies of all three on your person and leave the “Necronomicon” in a public place, and it would be totally harmless, because people need a way to understand it, which they don’t have.

So you might have a thought in your mind, “What is the true Necronomicon of the three?” Without the Republic you wouldn’t even be able to have these thoughts. On the other hand, without the Etz Chaim [just had a memory of a past life, streets and houses] there would not be a CONTEXT in which to recognize the Republic as the Necronomicon. We are currently living in the world of one of those books, and it is not the Republic or the Quran. We are living in the world of the Etz Chaim and that has to count for something. The question that rises is IT the Necronomicon or are its enemies? This isn’t so easy to answer. The other question is, What is the pure light of truth?

In my opinion, no human has ever said it, they’ve only hinted at it.

For me, the pure light of truth is getting to know everything you can about these three books. I’m not here as a detached, stuffy scholar, that is just my “opinion”.

If you had to name three, which books would you have to say?

I’m not advocating a “good” thing, you are not going to be accepted by humanity if you know what those books are about. If you even have a clue about them, they will hate you.

So now that you see it in that light, which three books?

Exhale and do not think of what I’ve said above. If you were an objective person what books do you think are the most secret and distorted possible?

When I reflect back on the three I stated, if I go with my instinct, those are the ones I think of.

Most have to go with dim ones at a specific sephira because that’s all they can deal with without going insane.

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