This is some kind of hermetic current we’re on here. That “New Atheist” movement from the 2000s, you remember that? I think they were right about certain things, it just wasn’t very well-thought-out. For instance their skepticism about priests lying to you and wanting to control you. I have no idea why the demiurge decided to ladle me this gruel of a life as someone who is similar to a priest. The difference is that I’ve only ever intended to speak to fellow priests. That’s what makes this hermetic. As Heidegger said, you’re thrown into the world, and you don’t know why you are the kind of person you are.

Note that this matter is of necessity speculative because priests did not keep records of their dialogues they had outside of the ears of their flocks. This is just my intuition about them. I talk plenty about rabbis, don’t I? Well, this is the Euro version of them.

You need to ask them the right question otherwise you’re not going to hear anything secret. And most people are incapable of asking the right question. That is why using the internet the way that I do has severe pitfalls to it. I ask my own questions and I answer my own questions. And you observe that. You will probably not like some of the answers I have to those questions. You did not ask them yourself, thus you would not understand why someone would ask them. That means I’m talking to someone with a subjective state that isn’t ripe.

Like I’ve said before, I know that people like me have been dealing with this for centuries, and you could say I got fed up and just started saying I’m sick of you idiots, I’m done lowering myself for your sake, and if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

There are highly cynical ways of looking at priests too, probably beyond your imagination. The main thing to understand is that just because Europeans are the only “first-worlders” doesn’t mean that they’re not a superstitious, irrational people themselves. When you compare them to South American spear-chuckers they don’t look too irrational do they? That doesn’t matter, the European peoples look South American to priests. What I’m trying to get at is that some priests didn’t want to be what they were, and they were forced to be, because that’s the best they could hope for with those kinds of vulgar fools around them. That’s why they secretly read Aristotle and never mentioned it in their sermons.

I don’t try to “lord it over you”, this is where I confess to myself, if you want to think of it that way. I am a wishful thinker and like to pretend there is a “Hermetic Order” that secretly listens in on that, my “prayers sent to the void”.

Back to my main point though- I always talk about cladistics and this is relevant to that. I’ll say it in a candid way- some priests didn’t want to be priests, they wanted to be philosophers, and they couldn’t be because they’d be burned at the stake. There’s a hidden history of cynicism with them. I think some alive today can relate to that. Even if you don’t have any priests in your family, it’s an anomaly that happens. You have to lower yourself so you don’t cause too much hostility.

Gotta love my feminist hatereaders, you know they’re loyal and secretly in love with me, whoops no one said that. Seriously though, you can trust my judgment about the state of things or not- I AM YOU. I am the male version of you. That means I know more things than you. Are you able to accept that? They see me as representing the “patriarchy” and don’t even understand that I’m just them except wiser. I AM YOU. This is you in the future if you could ever evolve. 99% of the variations of feminism I’ve seen aren’t going to do that for you.

Female Napoleon, wouldn’t that be amusing?? I try to get girls to do that and they’re too afraid. Who else tries to get you to do that?

Whatever, I’m going off on a tangent. The idea is that you talk to people based on where they are spiritually. If you want to take this to the heights, I know for a fact that the supposed chosen people simply are at a level where they cannot be approached with an honest, easygoing demeanor. They’re very sensitive people, they have lots of personal demons they don’t like to talk about, so you’re not going to be having a “hermetic” conversation with them without lots of “priming”. I don’t do “priming” here. That’s my point. This place isn’t for women, jews, definitely not browns, white niggers, etc. There’s no “grading” system like they have with the freemasons. Their 33rd degree is a joke to me in fact, so it’s not like they can be approached without priming either.

If you don’t need priming yourself you’re doing good, I think. Do you? Really observe your own emotions. Do you wish I primed you more? Was more friendly? I don’t know what to tell you, you have observed a conversation between me and Nietzsche. If you’re upset about it I suggest you read probably the simplest book of his to get an idea of what he was about, Twilight of the Idols. You could easily read that in two hours if you wanted to, annnnd what do you do instead, probably seem similar to a plant rather than a human.

It makes me joyous to realize that I’d have to prime Nietzsche himself at this point. “Leave him alone, he was writing 130 years ago!” There’s nothing to leave him alone about, I learned from his conversation too. He already knew that this would happen, and invited it. Euro-cladistics, neech-as-chief-priest, you’re going to have a tough time not needing to be primed to be able to think at these altitudes. This is in fact my way of priming fellow hermeticists.

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