I finally found a version of that Tishby book I’ve mentioned a few times, if you want to go through the trouble of putting the Hebrew through google translate.

And I’m now learning of another book of his on a kabbalist I’ve referenced before

You can pretend it’s all a coincidence if you want. This is a “secret Jesus” of theirs, and I’m done feeling crazy for recognizing that.

Idel’s student Garb also writes about Luzzatto and Valle.

Again, Amalek is another way of saying “Christians” or “Europeans”

Valle ascribes the need for effort in study to the spiritual warfare against the “husk,” or evil power, of the biblical nation of Amalek

Only the third volume is in English

Tishby spent many years in the study of Luzzatto and his group

Remember, this is Scholem’s first student you’ve never heard of.

These three volumes are some of his latest writings – originally titled חקרי קבלה ושלוחותיה, מחקרים ומקורות

Luzzatto is another one of those jewish wackjobs who believed himself to be Moses

found evidence that he had influenced the early hasidic movement, so lending weight to Hayim Nahman Bialik’s description of Luzzatto as ‘the father and first begetter’ of the three main streams of Judaism in modern times.

What is up with these crypto-Sabbateans, anyone want to tell me?

Oh man, this is funny. Here is Valle (the teacher of Luzzatto)

The secret of the Trinity is that Chesed, Gevurah and Tiferet

This is the Christian father, son, holy spirit to him. I.e. the Christian “God” is one of the lower sephiroth.

Apparently the second volume of that late work of Tishby’s is on Sabbateanism also.

Here is Elior on Scholem

The first argument – the continuity between the Kabbalah of the Lurianics, the Sabbateans and the Hasidim – provoked a sharp controversy among scholars from its publication in 1941 to the present day

Do you know what would provoke an even sharper controversy? To argue that there is a continuity between Sabbateans and secular American Jews.

Anyway Elior agrees with Scholem about the continuity between the first three phases. As a side note, she happens to have written a book on Chabad.

“PEEPEE IN VAGINA PEEPEE IN VAGINA!” We’re talking about Jewish mysticism here, do you have a mental illness?

“YOU’RE POOR, SHUT UP!” I’m a goy studying kabbalah, what do you expect, you shut up.

Can we have a serious discussion now? Of course we can’t.

The subject in question- Tishby is regarded as being thee authority on the Qliphoth. If you’re new here “Qliphoth” is a funny way of saying “evil goy demons that need to be destroyed”. And at the end of Tishby’s life he wrote on Luzzatto and his circle. I don’t know if that concerns you at all or if you’re just another one of those total fucking morons who suck jewish toes and clean the cheese out between them and say THANK YOU IT TASTES SO GOOD! THANKS!!!! That probably is you, huh?

If you ARE a serious person, you can read Elior here talking about some of these things.

Wayyyyyy too many niggers in this world. Can’t deal with them anymore. They truly do not have souls, and I want them on my dinner plate to tell you the truth.

[Hasidism] took from the Sabbateans the mystical freedom to redefine the boundaries of the religious world and to present in their presence concepts of a nihilistic, anarchist and paradoxical nature.

The Sabbateans were self-conscious Lurians. They believed they understood the true meaning of Lurianism. How many times do I have to put it in clear language for you? They banged their own daughters – this is one of the implications of “antinomianism”. Anything goes! While I don’t know if today’s American Jews practice incest, what I do know is that Anything Goes is something they energetically promote in all of our institutions. Incest is just the extreme form of that worldview, usually it’s a lot subtler than that.

Can you infer what is implied in this? Goyim are evil demons because they are not antinomian.

Do you understand what Elior is saying here you stupid goy? I doubt you do!

In Israel, scholars talk openly about this Sabbatean connection. You can insta-translate some of them on the internet if you want. This is what American Jews ARE! They are neo-Sabbateans.

You can read lots of her articles here. Her most recent book is on Jacob Frank. Subtitled “Religious Nihilism and the Vision of the Messianic Freedom”.

Da Old Testament explains da MSM, da bankers, da movies, da political zeitgeist, yeah right.

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