Elior on what is left of the “trace” of Jacob Frank

According to the manuscripts used by Kreuzahaar, the words of the Lord numbered about 2,300 sections. However these manuscripts were lost in World War II, and those that remain are incomplete and have only 1319 sections.

What remains of the “Words of the Lord” runs to about 1000 pages in Polish. That PDF of the English translation I’ve linked to runs to 430 pages. So roughly speaking half was “lost” and another half after that wasn’t translated.

None other than Scholem’s wife translated into Hebrew the portion that wasn’t lost. This might be confusing. The original 2300 sections were in Hebrew. What remains, the 1300 sections, is in Polish, and that was translated back into Hebrew. And half of that was translated into English.

While insta-translation can be garbled at times, you get the idea of what is being relayed

Maybe they’re right to see Frank as all those things? There have been some famous “apologies” for the Marquis de Sade too, and at the end of the day I’m not going to be a Sadean. Again, that isn’t as pertinent a question because we are not living in “FOG”. Insanity, immorality, perversion, debauchery, etc. etc. seem to be fitting ways to describe the US, and it can be traced back to distinct influential individuals from history.

This distinguished academic, Rachel Elior, seems to be a true-believer in Frankism. Meanwhile most yids and shabbos goys are Frankists without even being aware of it. With her it’s explicit.

Most of us know people who knew people from the 19th century, it wasn’t very many years ago

Frankism exceeded the boundaries of Frank’s personality and was not a marginal phenomenon in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Looking on the heebnet for more

Scholem is known as the one who constructed a magnificent building in the study of Kabbalah, but as Prof. Yehuda Liebes once remarked, it seems that in the study of Sabbateanism he has even more rights, since in this area the historical work of collecting and detecting was infinitely more complex than the ant work of Kabbalah.

Elior cites two essays by Scholem I’ve never heard of – “מצוה הבאה בעברה” and “התנועה השבתאית בפולין”. The heebnet is particularly annoying to be on, and not because I’m an antisemite, it’s just an annoying language. I’m glad that when it’s written I at least don’t have to hear all those phlegmy noises, do Jews have lots of loogies or something? Is there a connection between their noses and that phlegm? One does wonder.

Anyway, here is Elior again

The world seen in [The Words of the Lord] is an inverted world that testifies to the power of the destructive urge that goes out to dismantle reality from its traditional normative outposts

You don’t need to read the spurious Protocols, this Jacob Frank was a real guy with a real movement behind him – “their” destructive behavior is explicitly promoted in his teachings.

I emphasize again, there are certain ways of looking at Frank in a redeeming light. For a detached observer that isn’t difficult, just like with Sade or Crowley. However, when one sees who owns everything, it isn’t so easy to remain a detached observer. For instance this is how Elior begins this study

a researcher of ancient Greek culture, notes in the opening of his book The Greeks and the Irrational (1951) that every culture is based on shame, guilt and fear. By this standard, Jacob Frank (1726–1791) was not a cultured man: he was a shameless, innocent, and fearless man

If you ask me, Jews have lots to feel ashamed of and guilty about. The absence of shame and guilt only looks good on paper. In reality it’s just corrupt people who have no qualms with bad things that they do to others.

This is how she characterizes Nathan of Gaza’s thought

With the birth of the Messiah, the process of clarifying between good and evil is over

Note that this is translated from the Hebrew. Anything in English I find on these subjects is never so explicit.

Imagine looking at these words and not being to translate them

עם לידת המשיח תם תהליך הבירור בין טוב לרע

You’d be a confused goy gawking at chicken scratches. What it says is that the messianic age equals moral relativism.

Scholem’s “heir apparent” Yehuda Liebes writes favorably about Sabbateanism to this very day. Everyone knows that “kabbalah is secret”. THIS IS THE SECRET!

There are levels to unravel of course, and that brings us to Frankism, neo-Frankism, Chabad, secular Jews who never heard of Zevi or Frank and follow their tenets nonetheless!

They took over the financial system before your great-great-grandparents were alive, you were born into this world of theirs. You are probably a Frankist shabbos goy without even knowing it. Capice? We knew about that shit and we tried to put an end to it, and now WE are the ones who are seen as the evil people in history. You might have noticed that there is a conspicuous abundance of Kabbalists from Germany and Italy. Coincidences.

You commie twats probably don’t even care to know the degree to which the leading Bolsheviks were Frankists. You just glamorize people like me being sent to gulags in the millions, aren’t you someone we want around children you stain.

Just read that last Elior page I linked to, she is a well-respected scholar in Israel, and she does nothing but praise Frankism. I showed you the other day that book the Scholemian Joseph Dan’s students put together in his honor recently – likewise, it praises Frankism. This is the “secret doctrine”. Goys are too bovine and oblivious to translate material from the heebnet, that’s all it boils down to. The Hebrew-speaking Jews reflect the hidden nature of the English-speaking Jews.

It’s really easy to apply this to contemporary politics. “Conservatives” to them are people who do not accept the antinomianism of their moshiach and thus need to be destroyed. “Liberals” and “communists” are those who have embraced their moshiach and thus are given head pats and installed in institutions to carry out their Jewish agenda.

We are only at the beginning of understanding this.

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