Just following where the chains of initiation lead – this Luzzatto who Tishby focused on late in life

In words of the Vilna Gaon he was ‘the only person to understand kabbalah since [Luria] himself’.

The Gaon of Vilna is another “big deal” in their obscure circles. “Gaon” means genius. Some see him as the Jewish equivalent of Beethoven. Never heard of him? Well, are you surprised?

The Vilna Gaon also said he would have walked from Vilna to Italy just to sit at the feet of Ramchal.

Ramchal is Luzzatto’s nickname. You know they have a special place when they’re given nicknames. Remember that Luzzatto was a crypto-Sabbatean

what Rambam was to halacha, Ramchal was to kabbalah

Rambam they actually do teach in the academy (that is Maimonides’ nickname by the way).

This is what goys need to start doing to understand the modern world

At the age of fourteen he produced a summary of the very complicated Etz Chaim

Idel has some writings about the kabbalist in question

As Isaiah Tishby has shown, there are strong affinities between the messianic thought of Luzzatto and Sabbateanism… It is most likely, as Tishby has already pointed out, that Luzzatto contributed to the formation of the next important stream in Jewish mystical thought, Hasidism.

What am I grateful for on Thanksgiving? Inadvertent genealogists who help us understand contemporary political reality.

the tiqqun in the “nature of the lower world” is envisioned as operating not on the intradivine structure, though such a view recurs many times in other discussions of Luzzatto’s, but mainly on the mundane world, and the reparation of this lower world is imagined as the ultimate purpose of all the exiles… As Tishby has correctly remarked, the eschatological function of the purification of the lower world is quite different from the collection of the sparks in Lurianic Kabbalah.

It looks so innocent doesn’t it? “Purification”. You can trace this further back to the Talmud – the best goys need to be killed. I think it’s more often seen in the form of brains being switched off. For instance I feel like I’ve been surrounded by crackheads. Everyone is just so obsessed with casual sex, and that is pretty much like taking a hit of crack. So when they talk about it I see them as saying “Hey, I love crack, don’t you?” It’s so boring. This is your brain switched off. You’re definitely not going to be thinking about kabbalah or the true meaning of “collecting sparks”, because you’re just a crackhead and your crackpipe is your genitalia – all you want to do is smoke crack and talk about smoking crack. At least talk about love instead. That’s just carnal lust, your brain is switched off. You are in a Jew’s world, that’s my only point, that it isn’t a coincidence that you’re such a proud object while at the same time they own everything. This is how I would describe Americans if I were in Iran.

How lucky the Iranians and Chinese are to not have a ruling-caste with kabbalist-sabbatean roots. I would suggest that you just stop “being used to it”, it’s not something you should be content with.

“It’s time for me to make up some pathetic cope!!” Don’t worry, the idea of a “ruling-caste” is purely imaginary, and tracing how they got to have the beliefs and behaviors that they do is impossible since, remember, they’re purely imaginary anyway. Do you know what else is purely imaginary? Your FEAR of talking about any of this.

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