This is a good day in my world because it’s when women have intrusive thoughts about wearing an apron and pearl earrings. Carrying a platter of delicious food to your famished family, beaming. Many of them don’t have that today. Our culture might be so dead inside that holidays don’t even cause existential crises anymore, who knows. What Eliade called “hierophanies” or the divine emerging in mundane reality simply stop happening. Holidays are a theological sort of thing in that sense, or at least they’re supposed to be. While there’s debate about whether they should be called “cultural Marxists” I think that’s accurate. Holidays, any kind of hierophany, is eliminated. You’re not going to be wearing pearl earrings because that is a sexist thing to do and that is not in line with Equalism. Plus, the State is your family now. State, can you pass the pumpkin pie? Like I’ve said, even with the people who are dead inside there’s probably still an ember there, which the holidays inspire to “balance their accounts”. Holidays thus are particularly philosophical days of the year. What am I doing, what is life, what should I be doing, am I doing something wrong – these are questions that holidays incite. Yeah, if you’re not wearing pearl earrings and baking me better green bean casserole than my grandmother makes then you ARE doing something wrong. “We’re at a stage of cultural marxism where we are above and beyond that now.” That’s just your loss. What it is is against nature. I want to be an old man at a table with grandchildren who are little nietzsches, perhaps a nietzschette or two, and that seems natural. You must have a serious derangement if you disagree with the general direction of that. Did you get your fur baby some special turkey catfood today? That’s a strange kind of mental illness to have an animal instead of a human you look after. It’s impossible for you to be fulfilled with an animal. I think that many are so dead inside that they are dead inside to the fact that they’re dead inside. If you have an animal or you have a fuck buddy today, you’re probably feeling that emptiness. And that’s why I love the holidays. They’re philosophical days, seriously. One tends to meditate on the meaning of life, so they’re a great institution in my opinion, I disagree with the cultural marxists. If you want to get into existentialism for a second, holidays cause Anxiety, and what that really is is that ember inside you that is still a fully alive human being. Anxiety has such a negative connotation today, and it doesn’t have to, I see it as the voice of God in a way. It’s shaking you and saying What are you doing, What are you doing? What kind of relative would I be as an old man at the thanksgiving table by the way? Like I’ve said, I’m an anomaly in my family and want to start my own in a new direction I guess. Yeah, you’re not the only one who has something of an existential crisis on the holidays. I like to pretend it’s possible to have the best of both worlds, unfiltered philosophizing and a normal life, and it just isn’t. I talked to this one girl (honestly, one with a huge rack) for a minute earlier and couldn’t help noticing how her gesticulation was symptomatic of ghettoization, and you might not recognize that if your head is not in the clouds. So it is a fine line, and there are myriad examples I could detail about this, which most seem entirely ignorant of. In other words, without unconditional philosophizing (which is a state of mind) you might find yourself as an old man sitting at a table of people you don’t want to be sitting at a table with. “I don’t want to sit at a table with someone who wants me to wear pearl earrings, whatever that means!” You’re just confused then, and you know exactly what it means. Happy holidays.

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