Not to sound like a “diversity” kind of person, I just think it’s interesting that the kagal prevents all the ones it seeks to emancipate and protect from what I see as true freedom. Another way to put it is they want to give them the idea they’re “cared about”, when in reality they prevent them from knowing certain things, and that is a sign that there is a caveat with their freedom.

I’m only speaking of the most obvious examples- jews, women, non-whites. Maybe those ones will disagree with me- if they really cared about you they’d want you to understand the world at the level they understand it.

That is not going to happen! Everyone who has even a slight understanding of that has been disappeared OR pressured into caving in to their demands.

Obviously, if you’re able to read this I don’t see you as a hopeless plant, though I still have my reservations about you due to the type of person that you are. It’s so easy to anticipate- I know what a jew is going to say, I know what a woman is going to say, I know what a brown is going to say. Still, I’m trying to show you that the aim of what you fight for is ignorance about certain things, and that means you yourself will not be aware of them.

Commoner-Jews, females of all races, melanin-heavy individuals, as well as shabbos goys that are as white as snow are not actually allowed to have the view-from-above.

Each of these human-types have their own individual idea of the history of their people. I’m boldly stating that almost all Jews continue to live in “exile” because of the policies of the Jewish elite. Likewise, women continue to be house-servants. Likewise, blacks and browns continue to be negroes. And likewise, shabbos goys continue to be “serfs”.

With the view-from-above I don’t guarantee you’ll stop being those things, I just think you’ll be freer than those who aren’t aware of it.

You all follow your jewish master, and it seems like it would take a dirtbag to have gotten to the point of enslaving humankind. That’s no master of mine. I’d prefer to starve to death than accept that as my master. Centuries of rigging, centuries of oily behavior which truly religious people believed would result in you going to hell have resulted in our current ruling-caste. They live in hell, and, appropriate to their nature, they create a hell on earth.

Do they really “free” you if you are not able to say these kinds of things about them?

You’re protected, yes, and you might not realize the farce that that is- you’re protected to be a spiritual kike like them.

That isn’t freedom. Being able to look at them all and be glad you aren’t one of them is freedom.

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