Holidays are the only time people are receptive to important things in life, so I lament that it is now the day after Thanksgiving. Now they’ll be returning to their fantasyland until Christmas Eve.

I’m going to try to up the ante anyway though, springboarding from aging in general to death itself.

I know people are going to laugh and scoff at me and I really don’t care, you are blind and ignorant if you do that.

This is the best reference we have for this question. Unless you want to read the Tibetan Book of the Dead, in which case it’s probably just mostly meaningless words on a page. Or you could ask a Christian who will give you a boring answer about going to heaven, because they have faith – what does that mean, you have faith? I don’t understand what that means.

This is one of the screenshots I didn’t share the other day…

Trust me, it makes me laugh to read that too, I’m not laughing AT it though, because I see it as a figure of speech that is rooted in a reality.

This actually did happen

People rather go on a vacation to a beach resort or disney world than to the place between reincarnations.

This is indeed a “state secret” of the highest order

In my opinion, this is easily one of the top three purposes of crypto-currency. You won’t see many people making that bold statement. I truly believe it.

This is one of the more scientific takes I’ve seen on it

5-MeO was only made illegal a decade ago, because even seasoned psychonauts found it too intense and tended to avoid it. So kind of like salvia, except there aren’t many redeeming qualities to salvia in my experience.

I know I’m talking to a brickwall about this, and thankfully that’s my favorite kind of thing to talk about.

“Why don’t you just get into like kundalini or something instead?” Instead? Why is it either/or? You might have noticed I’m constantly studying mysticism. That’s exactly the kind of sloppy thinking you’d lose if you experimented with these substances.

This is making me laugh to tears

Grof is one of the living authorities on entheogens. 5-MeO knocked him for a loop more than the others. One might say Grof is of the stature of someone like Jung if it weren’t for the fact that he deals with illegal matters.

For whatever reason, this is the specific mystical tradition that people most frequently find parallels in

For some time, I believed that I was experiencing the bardo, the intermediate state between my present life and my birth in the next incarnation, as it is described in the Tibetan texts.

See what I meant by upping the ante? Reincarnation via flesh and blood children vs. reincarnation via soul leaving the body.

While I hate to say it, with CRISPR we could possibly create a substance that takes us beyond anything the Tibetans ever wrote about.

And since no one else is going to say it I’ll go ahead and note that psychonauts might refer to Kabbalah instead of Tibetan Buddhism if Kabbalah were not so secretive. So who knows.

For now I find myself rereading Oroc’s book on this substance, which is the most ambitious attempt at explaining the experience that I’m aware of

Oroc believes Leary&co. were misguided to go back to the past (Tibetans, Hindus) to explain it and he focuses more on using contemporary science.

I recurrently have the urge to delete posts like this because I know the circus audience only laughs at you for it. Go ahead and laugh, I don’t care, the concept of “village idiot” is meaningless when the entire village is idiotic, otherwise that is the term I’d label you with. By the way, did you ever wonder if you have a politics of resentment because you keep deciding to be a vulgarian in every life, over and over?

They must not want teenagers taking this to parties with them, and I can’t blame them

we are talking about 5-MeO-DMT in particular, which is the thermonuclear bomb version of a psychoactive drug (as with Plutonium, this stuff is best handled with caution)

Some guy did it everyday for a month – and this doesn’t seem far-fetched to me

he says that within a week of this protocol he started reaching levels of awakening so elevated that he realized he had already surpassed every single spiritual teacher that he had ever heard of.

I’m gonna link you to a different article from the site I linked you to above – this isn’t an ordinary site, this is someone with an abnormal IQ, which is rare in these circles- like I said, academics don’t want to tarnish their reputations. One example

We know this because of numerous trip reports from people well educated in advanced mathematics who claim that the visual symmetries one can experience on DMT (at doses above 10mg) have hyperbolic curvature (cf. hyperbolic orbifolds).

I can see myself clicking the hyperlinks on this site for a while.

When they bring math into it don’t you feel the desire to dismiss the Tibetans? I think both are probably necessary.

“There’s nothing after death, just shut up.” Whoa, look, we have an expert here.

This is crazy!

Enhanced with hyperbolic geometry, this can cause the stark impression that you can explore “hyperspace” with a kind of “ultra-understanding”.

You’re the crazy one, not me!!

This site is so refreshing after all the pothead word diarrhea I’ve had to endure about all this. Though I could smell that they were “Effective Altruists” from a mile away. You take what you can get with this subject I guess.

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