Liebes on the Rusnet – no one talks like this

We are by no means going to refute the findings of Scholem and Tishby. If it were not for the Mishnat Zohar and Theosophical Doctrine, this article would never have been written… it is impossible to show the shift and change without mentally formulating the basis that must undergo change.

You can sense from that alone that he’s the living authority.

He here seems to be making the case that the Zohar is more of an innovation than is usually thought, rather than a purely received tradition. It’s a break from the Talmud.

For at the creation of man, God gave him from his radiance and shared with him the opportunity to create

The Torah radiated the writers of the Zohar to radiate the Zohar. One of the translations of Zohar is “radiance”.

I’ve seen this mentioned a few places now too

We find a clear confirmation of this in the book “Tikkune Zohar”, which is a continuation of the “Zohar”, its second layer.

This is like how there’s a secret addition to the Tanya.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. This is so suspicious

The Zohar is one of the outstanding phenomena of world literature (and in this capacity it is still awaiting recognition

He compares it to Plato’s Symposium for instance, and it’s really odd how rare it is to see the Zohar ever compared to any book. Like my previous post, everyone’s a lot more ready to reach for something like the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The Tibetan people have such pull in the world, huh? That’s what make it suspicious- the Jews have so much pull and no one knows anything about their tradition.

This by itself makes it seem impossible to understand without a reliable guide

Sometimes the Zohar organizes these opinions hierarchically: the most profound opinion is expressed by the teacher, p. Shimon b. Yochai, or sages close to him. It happens that the “Zohar” seems to admit its mistake, and the initially rejected opinion later becomes the formative element of the zoharic myth

If we weren’t living in clownworld there’d be at least hundreds of academics working on these subjects, if not thousands.

I would be requesting of a traitor-jew that they translate something like this for instance

(The Emeq HaMelech is supposed to be one of the more secretive documents.)

In these regions it’s realllllly easy to get ahead of ourselves.

Even focusing on the Zohar is getting ahead of ourselves, because we still need a trustworthy translation of the Talmud to understand that! That’s why I was preoccupied with that for so long, because we’re CENTURIES behind and need to begin at the beginning.

This is something I’ve intuited previously with the help of neechski

The king kept a jester who, by his behavior, could discredit the laws of a rigid hierarchical pyramid, moreover, he could laugh at the king himself. However, the jester himself was a kind of authority enshrined in the law, which, for sure, reduced the effectiveness of discrediting and deprived the force of the laugh caused by the jester… In any case, this, according to the Zohar, is the case in the upper world and the same should be in the religious sphere.

Calling him “neechski” is my way of laughing at him by the way. There are so many layers of irony involved with Nietzscheanism I probably don’t even know what level I am on anymore.

To cut the laughter though, the ironic playfulness of the Zohar that Liebes is describing is something I can see leading to Frankist antinomianism.

King David not only appointed the King of the universe of the Cohen and the righteous as jesters, he considered himself a royal jester

So maybe it’s more accurate than I thought to call it “clownworld”? Our political reality is not funny, I’m not laughing. Okay, if it all WAS a joke, maybe that is kind of funny.

Maybe this explains why I am not in prison right now

Jacob Frank was infamous for pulling his pants and underwear down and sitting on the Torah. Maybe there’s a fine line with this jester behavior? Secular American Jews identify with Frank doing that. I’d like to see them do that with the Communist Manifesto. Ohohoho gotcha! “Blasphemy! Burn him at the stake for suggesting it!”

If Liebes is right that there’s a subtly detectable humor throughout the Zohar maybe our yids ought to retvrn to tradition, because they seem quite humorless, so they must not have picked up on that part.

Anyway it’s not a coincidence I hopped from 5-MeO to the Zohar- banned things that will warp your reality. And there aren’t many of the magnitude of those.

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