Do women even care how the Grug brain instinctively evaluates them? You really don’t want to be perceived as someone who deserves sexual degradation. The majority of women are seen as jizzrags waiting to happen. I don’t understand why so many are fine seeing themselves that way. Rare, borderline nonexistent, women are seen as something that needs to be impregnated. And that itself isn’t even much of a compliment. I don’t think they care to be perceived as a woman of the third stage these days anyway. Okay, that’s just you deciding to not be valuable, that’s all. Valuable women you don’t have an urge to degrade, only worthless hoes are perceived as jizzrags, and that’s pretty much most of them. My point here is they seem to be content with having that level of value. The second stage, being worthy of being knocked up, isn’t much of anything either. I don’t think they care to be perceived as truly valuable. I know it sounds simple, that the third stage is being someone worthy of being knocked up, and then STAYED with, and yet how rare the existence of someone at that level is. Most wombs out there might as well be like ejaculating a person into hell. You’re just damning that person’s existence if they are born from a woman like that. No shit you’re not going to stick around after that, because then there will be two people damned to hell. I wake up wanting to study Kabbalah or something like that and then I talk about this because it ruins everything when this is the state of things. Wow you’re a jizzrag, very nice, OR you’re pump and dump material, and to top it off you don’t even care that’s what you are. I bet the population of the future born from cursed wombs like that is going to be really top-notch. Wouldn’t you be happier in life if the Grug brain didn’t perceive you that way? When you’re like that you can only expect animal-souled types of people to love you and that’s not even love, they just want to use your body for pleasure and conquest. And again, I don’t think they care. You would be happier if you were perceived as worthy of being a mother who isn’t abandoned. Wonder why you’re all fucked up on SSRIs and pathological political stances? Probably because you feel worthless and have somehow convinced yourself that you should be proud of being that way. You want Grug to see you as someone to make pregnant and stick around with afterward, otherwise you’re probably not going to be happy. That’s not even Grug anymore, that causes a mutual transformation. Neither person is an animal at that point. Unfortunately I know that jizzrags aren’t capable of understanding these things.

Thus, back to the study of Kabbalah, because as I probably don’t have to say, I interpret modernity as a “kabbalistic world”

“the Arizal” is another nickname for Luria. Note that I’ve shown that at least three of these “soul fragments” of his had sympathies with Sabbateanism. If you’re a lucky goy you might have heard of the Baal Shem Tov sometime in your life. Probably not Luria, Nathan, Luzzatto, the Gaon of Vilna, etc. That is to say, IF this is indeed a kabbalistic world you wouldn’t even know it.

Here is a distinction that Shamir taught me about

This is known as PaRDeS

these four “approaches toward Kabbalat Ha-Ari” fit into a scheme of the PaRDeS of Sod: peshat – RaShaSh, remez – the GRA… derash – RaMHaL, and sod – BeShT and HaBaD

That probably looks confusing at first glance. Once you know their nicknames it’s pretty simple. I have my doubts about this scheme, I just wanted to show you one way that they break down their “imams”.

For instance, given the Besht’s popularity I’m naturally suspicious that someone more obscure such as Nachman of Breslov might better represent sod.

We’re trying to hold their very beating heart in our hand. At this point what we know for certain is that the writings of Vital are the foundation of the four fragments named. Which is to say that the Zohar in a sense can be skipped, because a particular interpretation of the Zohar was presupposed by all of them. Another nuance to raise your eyebrow about is whether it isn’t merely Vitalian Kabbalah that is their foundation, because it could be specifically Vitalian-Nathanist Kabbalah that is presupposed by all of them.

These four, along with the founder of Chabad, were all writing approximately around the time of our American Revolutionary War, so this is wayyyy back. Still, you need to know these things if you want to trace them up to the present. It’s like saying you can understand Lincoln without understanding Jefferson.

The Jews were and are a “state within a state” – these are some of the examples of their equivalent of “founding fathers”.

So it follows for you to wonder who is their George Washington. I’ll show you something interesting I spotted recently

Bratslav/Breslov is an order based on the Besht’s great-grandson’s writings by the way. These are types of blood dynasties- you might have noticed that all these Chabad Rebbes are in a direct lineage

You can scroll through that Wolfson book on Chabad to take a look at the bibliography. By my count, there are 110 books you’ve never heard of written by Schneersohns and Schneerson, and 16 by the founder, Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the Tanya being one of them. And who knows what Wolfson would leave out of an English publication.

If Chabad is not the most esoteric current, it at least seems to be one of the most robust.

Some symptoms for you

In a letter from 30 Av 5714 (August 29, 1954), Schneerson refers to both Ḥayyim Viṭal and the Gaon of Vilna to substantiate the point


Wolfson says this

From a conceptual standpoint, there are many affinities between the Ḥabad teaching initiated by Shneur Zalman of Liadi and the speculative kabbalah that can be traced to Elijah ben Solomon, the Gaon of Vilna.

Here is what he cites from Liebes

The founder of Chabad was a disciple of the successor of the Besht

the Beshṭ, should be considered the “Moses of Ḥasidism” and Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the “Moses of Ḥabad.” … Through the intermediary of the Beshṭ, each master of Ḥabad is an avatar of Moses

A state within a state and no one knows anything about the founding fathers

We have to live in a reality determined by them, and we have to suffer for it, and no one cares about their origins.

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