What they’re up to in the Far East

For instance

I had a dream earlier that I found a manuscript like this, and when I woke up I was mad it was just a dream – many such cases.

It might as well be a dream until I have it in English

the 18th century Kabbalist named Judas Levi Touba. In his writings, we can clearly find the influence of Nathan’s anti-normativeism. 

What do you niggers care? You never mention Jews and never will, you will only repeat over and over “PLEASE CAN A JUNGLE SAVAGE PUT A BASKETBALL BASTARD IN MY DAUGHTER!!!” You stupid white niggers. Do it then instead of telling everyone else to. Do it, raise the basketball nigger, put your money where your mouth is. Of course you won’t, because you are a nigger and a hypocrite in one.

“He’s talking about Jews, you know what that means! It’s time to say that subhuman apes are good!” Totally follows, right. Be a true coon and go shoot some hoops, that’s the only way to prove you’re a real progressive.

You never mention Jews, that’s because you’re a total pussy. You’re a mind-controlled slave. I hope you personally pay out of your own pocket the welfare for the single moms who end up having little turd balls to raise. Are you going to do that? Of course you won’t, you’re all talk. And the next time you overhear a mulatto speaking and die inside because they sound so retarded, you can blame yourself for that. No, you’ll probably write it off as the fault of Nazis somehow. Never mention Jews, hate white people, praise black apes that look, talk, and act like they just swung out of a tree – it’s going to lead to a utopia any day now, white nigger. How does it feel that I perceive as similar in kind to people who recently lived in huts and loincloths? Does that flatter you? Because that is how I see the jews’ slaves. You’re black with white skin, a total imbecile with no soul.

Just try to look at this objectively. If Jews are talked about, all of a sudden the urge is felt to bring up black people. Why is that? Is there a connection between Jews and blacks? I just want to know, I’m trying to have a conversation about Jews.

“You’re a Nazi, and we know what Nazis lead to! Blacks in concentration camps!” Ohhhh so that’s what it is? Okay sure, so what do progs lead to? Paying single moms out of your own personal pocket to feed worthless little turd balls who will grow up to be in a gang at worst and at best a rapper who debases art. Wow, you progs really lead to the best case scenario. So, where’s your daughter? It’s time to sacrifice her, YOURS. It’s time to take money out of YOUR pocket to pay for the niglets’ food. Are you still ready to be a prog? Oh, don’t want to admit it? So shut your mouth and embrace the truth that “Nazis” are right. What’s that, you’d feel depressed if you were in the stands at a basketball game to see your nigger grandson play? Wow, I don’t think you’re a prog then. You need to be happy about that. You stupid white nigger!

You’re so confused about all this because morality doesn’t exist anymore. And the reasons for that can be traced to historical figures and events. And lately I happen to see Sabbateanism as a great explainer of why you are such an idiot and a pussy. Or a dumpsterslut if you’re a woman. You jew-led progs have really created utopia, huh? All the best people around.

This is just interesting from an anthropological perspective. If you talk about Jews people will instantly worry about blacks. It makes you wonder what really makes the gears in their brains turn. I think it proves that Jews control their thoughts.

“Without the holocaust myth they’ll start going after us white niggers too!!” Maybe, you’re useless if you ask me, and even worse, a burden on society, so why not?

“This is why we keep certain logic out of public.” It really is logical to remove you all from society. If you’re not a depressed old man sitting in the stands at a little nigger’s basketball game then YOU ARE A NAZI! Prog logic is nonsense if that is the truth.

If you want to be a realistic person, that very premise at the foundation of your supposedly “moral” intuition is false, because it’s good to be a Nazi. Why is that? Because Jews are niggers! That means they’re shitstains who only cause your society to slowly deteriorate. If you hate that then you’re a Nazi. It follows from that that progs advocate for the slow deterioration of society.

I showed you Elior talking about Sabbateanism- it is the deliberate blurring of the line between good and evil. Outside of your jewish mind-cage, people who do that are “shitstains”, get a clue.

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