This Yamamoto is one of the more interesting scholars I’ve found for a while

Some say it’s the End of History, some say it’s the Kali Yuga, and some say it’s the Age of Grace. The ones in control think it’s the Age of Grace. On the other hand, if you’re someone with a strong sense of Right and Wrong you might think it’s the Kali Yuga. From the perspective of those who believe we’re living in the Age of Grace, a strong sense of Right and Wrong is itself wrong.

That “angry rabbi” whose books I’ve linked to before is a case and point of the fact that not all Jews believe in this eschatology. Nonetheless, a great deal of them do. No, they don’t attach theological ideas to it. Think of it this way- we’re so far into the Messianic Age wherein the Torah has been suspended that even talk of the moshiach at all is seen as a remnant of the pre-messianic age.

I personally am similar to the Muslims in seeing Moses as having the right idea more or less, and for those happily living in the Age of Grace what he stood for is voided.

So this brings us to a more refined understanding than what both the Talmud and the Zohar will get you. Those two texts consciously build off (and on) the Torah. Sabbateanism is a break from that, it is a nullification of the Torah. In Sabbateanism’s more extreme form, Frankism, it isn’t only the nullification of the Torah, it is the nullification of all religions, and beyond that, the nullification of the distinction between good and evil itself. A fitting symbol for the Age of Grace I would say is morbidly obese polyamorists, just pure hedonism in all senses. Follow your id, that is what the Age of “Grace” is. Instant gratification without thought of tomorrow, and with no guilt.

I’m sure I have readers who see me as a conspiracy theorist, what with all this talk about secret moshiachs. I’m getting most of this from renowned scholars! When I study all the figures throughout history no one better expresses the contemporary zeitgeist than Jacob Frank. You can’t pin it on someone like Voltaire, say, because at the end of the day he still honored transcendental principles and anti-demotic politics. Because if you ask me, if you only look at the surface of Voltaire’s thought he’s one of the more perfect candidates for “Whose world is this?”

Suppose there WAS a secretive group of people who believed in cyclical history and moshiachs who bring the law and abolish it depending on the cycle. Do you think plebs would be aware of it if one arrived and abolished the law? Or would they simply live in that world where the law was abolished, without knowing why? I for one think most people are extremely pleb-like and wouldn’t even notice what was going on.

It’s pretty dismal and I don’t expect many people to be able to think this thought without shuddering- the Age of Grace means that people who should probably be put in concentration camps run free in society and are at the highest echelons of institutional power. I also mean shabbos goys in this context. Suppose that there were people so heinous they deserved to be removed from society and put in a concentration camp. Just pretend for a moment that’s possible. What would society look like if such people roamed free and had lots of power over said oblivious plebs? Well, you’re looking at it, because that’s the society we live in. The Age of Grace means we don’t remove the worst people from society, it means we flatter them and tell them they’re perfect and everyone should be like them.

Wouldn’t that be an eerie thought, if the Jewish version of “Muhammad” controls people’s minds without their being aware of it? Perhaps because it’s too soon in history for them to realize it? I mean, ask the foremost scholar of Kabbalah of recent times, Scholem, and his students. There’s a reason they’re all so preoccupied with Zevi.

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