Greetings jizzrags, kikes, shabbos goys, and hoops-shooters. You kind of feel put on the spot when you’re addressed in direct language, huh? I think that’s a good thing, because that way you’re not being lied to about your identity. A=A, does it not? 1+1=2 and if you have empirical behavior that matches those terms then that is what you should be called. Greetings to you. Oh right, that wasn’t very inclusive of me, I forgot to add SPICS. Greetings, and thank you for the taco recipes, now you are only a burden here, thanks. You tell me- if you are naturally sympathetic to people who have a mudball on their necks instead of heads, what else could you be besides a burden? Reminds me of the Irish in fact – where’s your luck now? If we packed you all into one state you would not survive for one century, so why would we want you in all states? You only represent a slow process of decay. People want to call you “human beings” instead of a slow process of decay, and I just don’t get it. I like to address people in direct language. So tell me what’s going on. The non-Frankist Jews who are otherwise exemplars of humanity meticulously conceal the responsibility of their nihilistic coethnics, and if I had to hazard a guess, that itself is one with the slow process of decay. So I’m eager for you to explain to me why anyone would want you in their country. This is a universal question, it isn’t just about the US. Why are you a good thing for a country? It seems like you have nothing good to offer at all, and I have to plug my nose when you walk by. Is that something that should be normal, in ALL countries? Tell me what the point is to speaking to people who are rotten to the very core. And as for some of the others- Jennifer Doudna is a paradigm-shifting scientist, so why are you a jizzrag? I have to simply conclude that you have no brain inside your skull. You blink at me with your eyes and I don’t think there’s anything behind them. It reminds me of a farmer milking a cow- I guess that’s all you are, someone who causes jizz to squirt on them or in them. Such a noble calling. I think I prefer Doudna.

Whatever, you’re so golden your light blinds me.

Wait wait saying that made me laugh way too much.

What hollow people. What better word to describe you than “nigger”? When I look at the Jewish Protection Agencies or the feminist movement I just want to call one of them over to me with the words “Hey, nigger!”

And that alone is 52% of the population – NOT good in a place with strong democratic sentiments.

And when you add browns and blacks on there what is the percent?

I can see a smart Jew thinking “I’ve never thought of democracy THAT way.” That’s right, you’re part of it. Unless it’s Shamir reading this? You are one with all these disgusting creatures who one even hesitates to recognize as human beings. You ARE democracy. All of you together, that’s what “democracy” means. Jizzrags, kikes, shabbos goys, hoops-shooters, spics, and that’s not even the end of the list. Sorry, is this your first time in America? This is the state of things here.

I’m not a hateful person behind it all, I’m only looking for people with golden souls. The problem is, all those types of people who represent the slow process of decay don’t feel any guilt for what they are.

And why is that?

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