The appendices here are a good read, one you won’t find on google.

Whoa, look at this from the Turknet

He says many families burned their documents. That’s what I set out to look for when I found this, “primary sources”. That Yamamoto from yesterday is the first I’ve seen to reference one of those by title.

Here is this “defector” though

we went from Central Asia to Spain, from Spain we came to Thessaloniki!

This is a new one to me. Like I’ve said, “109” is only an approximation.

This HAS to be a symptom

The Sabbateans believe they are real Jews. I found something amazing in Israel. The second President, Yitzhak Ben Zvi, is a saboteur. His family is Polish, but he was educated in Turkey during the Ottoman period. Then he went to Palestine. He took the surname Ben Zvi (Sabbatai’s surname) to document his descent from Sabbatai.

What I’d like is to see a 21st century version of Nathanism in book form

this community, called “donme”, lived in Thessaloniki for centuries. It was divided into three separate groups as Kapancılar, Yakubis and Karakaşlar.

This Ilgaz Zorlu is the only documented person to have admitted to being a Sabbatean… And that was over 50 years ago. I wonder why I’ve never seen any Jewish scholars mention him? My readers are probably cynical enough to make an educated guess about that.


Remember the title Yamamato mentions, the Book of Daily Joy and someone named Judas Levi Touba. I haven’t been able to find anything about them.

These studies are not in English

Yamamoto has all kinds of interesting writings


The Turk wiki has a lot more clues than the English wiki.

Remember that insofar as Atatürk is the “George Washington” of Turkey, Turkey is a Sabbatean country. I mean, so is GERMANY, it’s just not so obvious in the latter case. For more on the Atatürk connection I link you here again.

Let’s stick with this defector for now though

Apparently he wanted to apply for Israeli citizenship and that’s why he confessed to being a Sabbatean Jew.

This is a way of getting a look at the secular ones’ chrysalis

It looks like there is some sort of Zevi Publishing House. The linked-to guy was imprisoned for writing about this. What was the fate of Zorlu I wonder? Here is a third writer to add to the mix too. The question is what would Scholem/ians OMIT from their books. These types seem like they could help us with that.

See why a title like this would never show up on the Englishnet – Yahudi Türkler Yahut Sabetaycılar? What is that i without a dot, I don’t know. Ooh so Zorlu himself published these other writers.

Hunting the Saturn Deer…….

I don’t think there’s a license they issue for that, it’s a protected species. It has a celestial ring that circles its antlers, maybe that has something to do with it.

Couldn’t this be said about our own “Lobby”? They’re just as duplicitously two-faced


I honestly don’t think the American ones even “read secret books”, it’s just in their blood to (((do what they do))).

Some links on that publishing house site

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