First time I’m hearing about this

So what is this mystery? Sabbatai Zevi writes this in his 876-page treatise

This is from that defector’s site, and I don’t see any mention of it in the bibliography of Scholem’s tome. This defector says he interviewed dozens of people from his grandmother’s generation.

throughout this series of articles, especially the incidents about sabbathism have been revealed entirely based on the documents kept in the family archives.

Same year the Armenian Genocide ended, and the Bolshevik Revolution began

He said he researched this because he wanted closure about a 300 year old mystery. I bet yids reading this can relate. Your rabbis don’t even know your history. It’s sleepy time, Mr. Rabbi, time to go sleep and forget about it all. It’s not an entirely sinister reason why they’re a protected people, it’s because it’s too painful for them to know the truth. Not like I think blood-covered sociopaths would have any regret about it. Still, I think there is some flicker of conscience there they prefer not to be brought into the light of day. Who am I kidding, they’re proud of this

They exhibit an attitude towards weakening the beliefs, customs, traditions and moral values ​​of the Turkish nation

They see us as “deserving” this

to the destruction of spirituality in Turkey, to the spread of divisive and destructive currents

Why do they think we deserve it? They don’t even know, they’re simply Luriabots. It’s like asking why a river flows. There is no “why”, that’s just what rivers do.

They don’t even know that they are Sabbateans, that is why I want to study the ones who preserved the explicit beliefs

The founder of Hasidism himself hid his Sabbateanism

Elista coins the wordplay on Bolsheviks of “Baalshemiks”, i.e. based on the Baal Shem Tov, might not have ever heard of him, of course of course.

It was very recently in history that they jumped into the melting pot (or at least seemed to)

You’re a Sabbatean, put it in your twitter bio for me, get a fridge magnet of Zevi, phone case, something. “That’s what I AM! I’m not hiding anymore!” Just change the TV channels to Sabbatean News. “We believe in a messiah that advocates the nullification of morality – haha.” Real charming bunch. Spirituality is so destroyed because of them that it is seen as backward and tacky to even mention a moshiach however. It accidentally insta-translates to “saboteurism”, isn’t that appropriate. “We’re proud of that.” Yeah, and that’s why I want you to die, is it starting to make sense yet?

Eh I’m just excited for that Luzzatto book to arrive in the mail, even though it’s the third volume, the second volume being on his and others’ Sabbateanism, which isn’t in English.

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