I bet one kiss would cause your whole world to turn upside-down. If you kiss a “Nazi” your life is over unfortunately. That’s fine, I only care about what “real love” means.

In more explicit terms, I kind of want to lick your throat. .. And there are all sorts of ideollgies that prevent that.

Beautiful woman that doesn’t fall for the scam, you are prime eugenic material whether you like it or not.

If you don’t fall for the scam then you are prime eugenic material, that’s all I want you to know. My “Grug” self says you are someone who absolutely needs to be impregnated this very second. You can trust him or not.

If you let a nazi “hold you”… your life is over.

You might have noticed that if a nazi held you then you’d be better off.

So it’s up to you. I write with no pity. If you are an Aryan then you will be happy I speak to you directly. “The feds want to turn us into niggers though” – what else is new?

I am here to tell you the truth. The Jews do not want two golden souled Europeans living in the future. They only want merchants like them and turd world savages who can’t question them.

Hey sweetheart, maybe I love you.

And of course the nigger-kikes will distort the meaning of that.

“We never will admit it!” No, you won’t, and that’s why it’s accurate to think of you as nigger-kikes.

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