Tell me there isn’t something “witchy” about this

Idel’s book on this demonstrates this is less of a “conspiracy” than you’d expect

“Astrology is for girls, shut up!” Regardless, there is something about this that strikes me as unmistakably occult.

Let me start with some context

If the Talmud is the soul of a Jew, then Kabbalah is the soul of the Talmud.

This is from Shmakov, one of the only Russians who knew what was what on the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution. His (presently banned) book International Secret Government is insta-translatable on google.

He had one of the best understandings of his time. Still, he was a man of his time, and all this was pretty new to his generation too. This one casual statement of Elista’s is such a refinement for instance

the relationship that has developed within the “Jewish environment” between Hasidim, Sabbatians and Talmudic “Orthodox”

As much as they change in their beliefs one constant is hatred of the goyim.

I’m not exactly sure of the state of Jewry in Russia, I don’t really see them talking about secular ones very much though, and that’s a further refinement I’d add to Elista’s statement. And yes, that constant is there once again in them too. That seems to be the very core of what they are, the one thing that doesn’t change.

With that said, I still strive to isolate other constants of “what they are”. The aim of cladistics and this type of genealogy is to determine an “essence”.

If you think this is some frivolous task I present you with Shmakov again

Anyone who isn’t talking about this is a “jackoff”, don’t let their self-denial persuade you otherwise.

Starting to wonder what this means yet?

You find moments in Wolfson and Idel that are pretty open. Probably something to do with the State of Exception that Jews live in

Speaking of the six lower planets, Yagel wrote that ‘all of them will give strength to Saturn, although the later will not give strength to any of them’… Since Saturn signifies the Jews, all the Gentiles will acknowledge their Torah and bow down to them while they [the Jews] will not acknowledge them [the goyim]

We’re going to get to something controversial now. Something you should understand is that decadent progs after reading someone like me begin to identify as Jews. They give them everything they want, they’re best pals. They feed their id, that’s why they “convert”. Usually ZOG is secret, and after learning about it they “find themselves”. They kiss their ring with zest, they slobber on it. And it is the ring of Saturn. The Saturn Deer and feeding the id are one in the same thing. Shmakov was a man of his time, he only could trace it to the Zohar. Scholem was only writing about this a couple decades after Shmakov, and Scholem’s findings were a revelation to Jews, if that tells you anything. Families simply stopped thinking of themselves explicitly as Sabbateans, it was just natural, they didn’t need a label for it anymore, just like how progs are total Christians and never call themselves that.

Let me show you a Kabbalistic way of looking at it – this is Idel again

He shows how it’s pretty consistent across a few centuries for Jews to link Saturn and Zevi with Binah

“He hasn’t even memorized the sephiroth, Nick has to constantly show him that diagram!”

Sometimes they link Sabbatai/Saturn with Keter as well. Keter is often symbolic for the dissolution into the Godhead, so there wouldn’t even be a “Zevi” anymore if he was that high up. The idea is that the light is refracted through him! Downward to the rest of the Jews AND the goyim! That’s the world we live in- you are downstream of the Saturn Deer.

Let’s just see what old Shmakov’s instinct was about these people

Huh, not bad, knew what’s what better than 99.9% of people alive today.

Let’s turn to Idel again to see some of the characteristics of people under a Sabbatean/Saturnian influence

This is just the male version obviously, there’s also the female flip-side.

I’m not a prude or something when I say this, I know that everyone has their fetishes. “No, only YOU do!” Yeah right. What are yours? Just kidding. I’m only showing that extreme forms of that are reached in Zevi and Frank, and let’s just say “the Jewish Century” isn’t over til it’s over

They believe “YHWH” himself was incestuous, among a list of other things… Sabbatai was perceived as the incarnation of Saturn/YHWH – he was a person with behavior which reflected their convictions about theological matters.

I relate to this quote from that Idel book

Here’s another galaxybrain way of phrasing Sabbatai’s role in our culture you could say

You can decide for yourself, I know lots of progs are “Jewish converts” and they are unshakable in their faith. I only want to show you that if Sabbatai is Binah, you could be Chokhmah

Most people are somewhere around Hod and Netzach, if they’re lucky.

Here’s Shmakov again

I don’t know about that, I think decades ago they just won a war, and that’s about it. I can think of like 10 goyim thinkers that easily stand in the place of Chokhmah.

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