There are so many things about the Chabad that I agree with that you’d almost expect me to be a convert myself.

“What if I were to show you that Nietzsche was a crypto-Frankist!” That seems to have been “in the air” in his time so I wouldn’t be shocked.

You have to begin with one of the most fundamental misconceptions. I know Frankism very well. Just because I have certain Christian views about Order doesn’t mean I don’t understand Frankism. A type of Frankism is the very reason that I was able to understand Order. I’ve descended to the abyss and I’m just saving you the trouble – Platonism is the conclusion from that. This isn’t even a Nietzsche site, this is Platonism here – Nietzsche WISHED he was Plato!

I’m not a close-minded fundamentalist, I know exactly what Frankism is about. I’ve gone beyond it, and most of society still has not.

I think a perfect example is telling you to read that Queen of Hell book. That’s obviously the kind of woman I want when I suggest such a thing. What do you think that means? The ultimate subversion is subverting the subverters. Subversion is mainstream, it’s lazy to be on that level.

I’ve been saying this in different ways for years so I don’t expect people to suddenly understand at this point. If you are not banned from facebook or twitter then you are not subversive at all, that is a kindergartner’s playground! You’re being a good little kid with your “subversion”. I’m lightyears away from that, and that is why I call you a nigger and know it’s true at the very core of my being. Maybe I am a cladistic Frankist myself.

Think of Binah again though. The point is that it isn’t the end. There’s a sephira that precedes Frankism.

I saw a funny response under a video on Frankism the other day actually

Binah, Da’at, for goyim the difference between them is negligible at this time.

Which brings me back to Chabad. There’s a similar logic here. They believe themselves to be Chokhmah and that is hilarious to me, and I hope I’ve made you laugh about these types over the years. It is a false sphere. They have so much right (something the Elista forum won’t admit) and yet they’re so wrong about other things which they can never admit, and ban people from society to prevent anyone knowing about how wrong they are. This is a form of killing god when you gather together low sephiroth to disappear higher sephiroth. That is the secret kabbalistic meaning of “cancel culture” in some cases.

Who is typing this right now? A sephira plays a role in that… It knows what all this is about and it doesn’t care if it uses “me” as a puppet.

Recall what the name itself “ChaBaD” stands for- Chokhmah, Binah, Da’at. This isn’t some “crazy cult”, they have a higher awareness than almost all goyim. This sephirothic triad you are oblivious to pretty much 24/7. The only ones who know about it are systematically removed from public society. That’s not good, you don’t want to be refracting light from that false sphere. These are the real stakes of things. Are you a serious enough person to contemplate that? Or are you a first-stage Frankist kindergartner?

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