Need to find some non-retards somewhere, I can’t take it anymore.

“They don’t exist, they don’t exist!” – my own thoughts taunt me.

Yes they do, just not in this country – that is what I remind myself.

Instead of “real communism has never been tried”, “a real lobotomy has never been tried”, except yes, it has, it has been tried and it has been successively performed here.

I myself am a clinging type of retard to even write in English anymore.

It’s true, it’s a terminal condition, it’s a country of niggers here.

I heard Bjerknes lives in Idaho or something, so I guess there’s that. While he doesn’t go all the way himself I’ll give him some slack. Would you find it entertaining if I tried to have a podcast sort of thing where I talked with him? Not to be immodest, that’s the only good thing that could happen in this country at this point. I’ve been made to feel like such a leper that the thought never crosses my mind anymore to contact anyone. That would probably be fun though, if there’s one non-retard in the US it’s him. “Hey, what about ME!” What about you you fucking retard? “Oh I thought you were exaggerating.” Pff… yeah…

That could be an interesting twist for the future. Getting on the phone with someone like Mattogno in Italy, just having a chat, letting you listen. You probably don’t even know who that is, well obviously, that’s the nature of American retards. I’m just getting really disheartened with people here. I care about them and worry about them, and I just don’t think they could ever have a permanent awareness at the level of ChaBaD. So it is a kind of Sisyphusian pursuit of mine to need to bring them there every day so they don’t forget. At a certain point you just accept they’re niggers who will never attain to the Sufist levels in Iran.

The problem with them though is they don’t really “get me” either, because blood and geopolitics are entwined. A lot of their loftier thoughts revolve around the Palestine issue, and you miss a couple layers if you don’t understand “their” trace through Europe too. Iranians will never be my people, pre-1950s Europeans are my people, and they never will be my people either. Particularly 19th century Germany is most relatable to me. So I guess it’s possible for others to be that way. The problem is they are forced to interpret it as an American retard. And it’s so consistent how unable they are to not be an American retard that you’d be baffled.

Oh right, I’m writing this in English aren’t I. It’s just so worthwhile to talk to you. If you just accepted it into your being that English is a language only niggers use you’d be better off. I’m sure that’s too much for you to accept.

I will try to appeal to my Marxist readers- international capital has latched on to English-speakers above all. They are the main target at this time. People usually think of “plunder” in terms of treasure, yes, your soul is treasure and that is what is being plundered. There’s no gold coins, it’s YOU that is being plundered, you were the gold coin, you could’ve been at least, and alas you grew up in America. Any of your potential virtuous instincts are not there anymore. And that’s not even the end of it! That is the beginning if we were to think of Time in terms of centuries. It is planned for the future “you” to not have any virtuous instincts at all. Maybe you had a chance if the system wasn’t breathing down your neck here every waking moment, maybe you did, the point is the future “you” will have less of a chance. I might as well be an “oracle” – this is a fact and it’s going to happen. All of the retards here invite it and applaud for it to happen too.

This is in English. You don’t care. That is what is going to happen. You’re too stupid already to care. Something I realized earlier which I refrained from saying at first because it was too brutal is that if you don’t read nearly all things in English and think “What a nigger!” you probably are one of them. I never try to mean, I only want you to learn to realize what is going on here. ChaBaD knows this too. What a nigger…

Maybe someday I will see things written in English where I don’t instantly have that conclusion, probably not though.

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